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How to prepare for a small business valuation

Whatever the reason for valuing your business: to raise investment, to find a business partner, to sell your business, whether you are doing the valuation yourself or engaging professionals, you need to prepare for the valuation. Get your documentation in order A buyer or investor will want to see f...
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“The Million Dollar Idea” - how to properly value a start-up

Why do you even need to value a startup? To attract investment, to find a business partner, to understand how your project is developing or to find out the value of a startup in order to sell it. A startup is a new venture that develops new ideas and technology in order to introduce a new product or...
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Small business valuation methods

It is important to do a proper valuation of a small business if there is a need to to sell your business to attract investors; You are buying out a business from other owners; You want to find a business partner; You wish to apply for a loan; you want to understand the development of your project...
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Как быстро вы нашли инвестора?

Уважаемые участники собщества. Я только начинаю поиск партнера и единомышленника. Могли бы вы поделиться опытом запуска проекта с «чужим» человеком и советами по поиску партнера через платформу bepartner?
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Sell your business by increasing its value

Why know the value of your business? track growth and momentum; evidence of positive change; to attract investment in your business; to find a business partner; if you want to sell your business; What is the current value of your business? Identify the following indicators: sales figures; key gro...
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Why is your website losing traffic?

Why should you pay attention to traffic at all? Your website traffic is a measure of the success of your business. Visitors are your potential customers, regular visitors are loyal customers. If your traffic drops, you need to fix it urgently, because traffic directly affects sales. Also, if you wan...
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10 reasons to register on bepartner-global.com

The main purpose of the bepartner matchmaking service is to help you form successful business partnerships. You can browse projects and investor and specialist profiles without registering, but to contact the founder, investor or specialist, you still need to register. We've put together 10 reasons...
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Choosing a location for your business

If you have a business idea and are about to start your own business, it's time to think about choosing a location for your business. Choosing the right location is a bit more complicated than choosing a place you like. There are several factors to consider. The experts at the bepartner business par...
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My business idea gets stolen! Spoiler: unlikely

The bepartner online networking team is often confronted with the reluctance of entrepreneurs to describe their project in any meaningful way. To the question, "why don't you want to explain the project?" - it is always the same answer: "My business idea will be stolen". This fear is understandable...
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Starting a business - tips for first-time entrepreneurs

To start a business there are many tasks to perform and many nuances to consider. We've created a guide to help you set up a thriving business. Checking your personal resources Can you keep your current job? If yes, how much time can you allocate to the business? If not, do you have a financial cush...

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