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Marketing plan

Do you have a great business idea and want to start your own business? And all you are missing is financial support from investors. Business angels are looking for an investment project to invest in. All you need to do is convince an investor that your project is really good. To do this you need to...
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To be or not to be... your own business

To be or not to be... your own business Increasingly thinking about starting your own business, but can't make up your mind? Do you have a great business idea that has been sitting on the shelf of unrealized dreams? We have put together some good reasons to help motivate you to take the first step....
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Common mistakes when writing a business plan

A good business plan is essential to the successful launch and operation of your business, so it is worth taking the time and care to write a business plan and avoid common mistakes. Test your idea Many entrepreneurs overestimate the importance of their business idea, and do not want to reveal not o...
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The costs of starting your own business

Before you start your own business you need to calculate your start-up costs. Starting a business requires preparation and you must have a business plan. Determining start-up costs is an essential part of it and should not be neglected in the hope of a flood of customers. Careful planning and accoun...
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Finding funding for your business

Many entrepreneurs at any stage are faced with the need to find investment in their business. Investment in start-ups is needed at the start-up stage, for an established business project, funding may be needed for scaling up or working capital. Investment options depend on the type of business you h...
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loyal customer is a regular customer

According to consulting group Reputations Corporation, loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones. Also, it's more expensive to attract new users than to retain old ones (but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try), so it's important to develop a strategy that helps you increase the loyalty of existi...
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The benefits of strategic partnerships for small businesses

Have you ever noticed that small business owners often feel lonely, tired, overwhelmed and don't know where to go from here. After all, starting a business, maintaining it, leading it to success and growth is often stressful. From our own experience, we can say that a partner who will take on some o...
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What is PPC and SEO and how to use it for small businesses

According to fundera, 47% of small business founders run their own marketing campaigns. Choosing a strategy is not an easy task; each of the marketing channels requires resources: time, financial, and an understanding of how to use these tools effectively. Why consider PPC? PPC (Pay Per Click) is pa...
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Start your own business from scratch. The path from a business idea to successful implementation.

Creating your own business can seem like a huge undertaking to many aspiring entrepreneurs. Most aspiring entrepreneurs don't know exactly where to start and what strategies to choose. However, everything turns out to be somewhat easier if you break down this enormous task into several quite doable...
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Useful tools for business

All people are always looking for a way to facilitate and speed up various tasks, this is also true for entrepreneurs, both beginners and experienced. There are quite a few free (or for a small fixed fee) services and tools on the Internet that can provide substantial assistance and save a lot of ti...

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