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The original business idea isn't working: time to do the pièce de résistance

Did you know that Instagram was originally conceived as a location-based check-in app for sharing plans and hobbies. Kevin Systrom, the founder of the prototype Instagram met his future business partner Mike Krieger and together they decided to focus specifically on the photo-sharing feature. The bu...
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Facebook and Instagram could shut down in the EU: what entrepreneurs can do

Social networking sites Facebook and Instagram could be shut down in Europe because their data transfer policies do not comply with European privacy law. European data processing law prevents Meta from transferring, storing and processing European residents' data on servers in the US. Meta is talkin...
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What KPIs to keep track of for small businesses

Small business founders are very often fully immersed in current tasks and because of this may lose sight of the state of their business. KPI tracking can help entrepreneurs in this situation. They can help you measure and improve your business. What are KPIs According to Wikipedia, Key Performance...
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OKR - goals and results in the team

What is OKR? According to Wikipedia, OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a method used in modern management to manage projects. It enables synchronisation of team and individual objectives, and ensures effective control over the realisation of the objectives. In simple terms, it is a management tool...
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Interview with an investor online: tips for entrepreneurs

Finding investment to start a business or scale a business or launch a startup is a long and emotional process for many entrepreneurs and startup founders. Now more and more investors and business angels prefer to interview online before making an appointment. The bepartner team has picked up some t...
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Stop talking about the weather!

You may have noticed that some entrepreneurs are more constrained in presentations and negotiations with their potential business partners than others. This is most likely due to the lack of relevant subjects at school that develop communication skills - debating, discussing, presenting projects, et...
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Go to market by dumping - is it the right thing to do?

Many young startups, attracting investments and small businesses consider the ability to give a low price as their main competitive advantage. But let's understand when such a strategy justifies itself, and when it carries great risks and will be a red flag when looking for an investor. Sometimes sh...
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A success story - found an investor within 1 month

Our users often ask if and how quickly they can find an investor or business partner online. Today we want to share the success story of a community project, which you can use as a guide for working with the https://bepartner-global.com platform and effectively finding a business partner. The projec...
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Make easy a unique value proposition?

The team of experts at the business matchmaking service has put together some tips on how to create an unique value proposition. What is a unique value proposition? A unique value proposition (UVP) is the reason your customers should choose your product or service over your competitors. What they ex...
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In Ukraine until October 10, 2021 all legal entities must file a Report on the ultimate beneficiaries.

Who has to submit it? IMPORTANT: a sole proprietorship does not have beneficiaries. If you are registered as an sole proprietorship and are not a founder of a legal entity, read no further. All legal entities, regardless of the form of business: LLC, JSC, PE, must submit a report, otherwise you will...

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