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How a business can create a relationship funnel

What is a relationship funnel A relationship funnel is all about establishing a lasting relationship with your customers. It allows you to establish trust between you and your target audience by providing value. With a relationship funnel, you can increase the engagement of your target audience, the...
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3 non-obvious tips for entrepreneurs

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task. this is why start-ups look for a business partner they can rely on to make decisions, who can give sensible advice and who can navigate through their new field. The business partner search team not only helps to find an investor o...
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What is the difference between a lender and an investor

The main difference between a lender and an investor is that a lender lends money for a business. You usually have to pay it back with interest. An investor puts money into business projects, ideas and start-ups. He wants a share of the profits. How investors and lenders look at a business plan An i...
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How not to buy a pig in a poke or recognize a fake business project

On the bepartner business partner search service you can find a project for investment or joint business. There are more than 2,000 business projects in different fields and at different stages of implementation. How to distinguish a real business project from a fake? Business plan. If there is no...
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How to create a memorable brand

More and more internet users are shopping online. In 2020, online retail is worth more than $4.2 trillion. Amazon's net profit increased by more than 80% in 2020. More than 50% of shoppers make purchases using a smartphone. There are more than 3.4 billion people worldwide shopping online. This dem...
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Startup or small business: what is the difference

Start-ups and small businesses have a lot in common, but there are significant differences which are important for every founder to know in order to avoid mistakes at the start. A startup is a company which introduces some new technology or product. It grows and develops very quickly from the start....
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ЗІП-Резидент-007: «Комюніке»

First, I propose to get to the bottom of what is an Investment Appreciator?  Firstly, it is not a what, but a who. An investment connoisseur becomes a person who has a rational idea. In fact, an idea creates value of the rational sort because it has the nature of the author's subjective percept...
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Dropshipping: how to start a direct supply business

Internet sales are now more popular than ever, and the number of e-commerce companies is only growing. Dropshipping is a great option which will allow the budding entrepreneur to start his business without much cost. Dropshipping is a direct supply business model. You are in charge of marketing stra...
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Effective online business: a link building strategy

Link building is very important for your business, as it is an important element of SEO strategy. Links are a major factor in your website's ranking on search engines, and they play an important role in your website's traffic. Link building: improves the ranking of your website; increases traffic h...
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Business correspondence. How to write a letter to be answered

Business people get tons of letters every day. The team at Business Partner Search believes that everyone wants to know the gist right away so they can decide whether to read the letter further. Entrepreneurs, investors and business angels will not waste their time with empty promises unsupported by...

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