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No competition in the market? Unreal!

You have an innovative business idea and want to start your own business. After all, nobody else is doing what you are doing. So you have no competition. Wrong. Never say you have no competition if you want to find an investor. This will indicate to potential business partners and investors that you...
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Mission: find a specialist

How do you find someone you can rely on to help your business grow and develop? Interviewing, starting to work together and adapting can all seem daunting for aspiring entrepreneurs. We've put together some tips for those looking to find an expert in their startup Find someone who is passionate abo...
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A five-star business reputation. How to achieve it?

The online reputation of your business is very important. It has a huge impact on attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Poor service or a delivery error, not being on time, will all be reflected in online reviews. According to research, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much a...
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Start a business online. Tips for entrepreneurs

You have a business idea, you want to start a business, you have a business plan and a marketing strategy. But, as you know, if a business is not online, it's as if it doesn't exist. There is nothing more effective to help you promote your product or service than the Internet. It's important to unde...
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What to answer an investor's questions if you don't know the answer

Attracting investment in your business project is an important task for an entrepreneur. You have prepared thoroughly for your presentation, you have a business plan, you know your business model, you have done market research, and you are generally knowledgeable about your industry. If you have don...
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Choosing a business model for your project

What is a business model You have a business idea that solves a consumer problem, you know how to implement the idea, to start a business. You have done your marketing research and you know that your product is definitely needed by your target audience. Now you need to decide which business model to...
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What are bepartner packages and what are the benefits of paid packages?

When you place your enquiry on the bepartner business partner search website, you can choose custom packages. There are three types of packages: Basic, Standard and Premium. By default you have a Basic package. If you purchase the Standard or Premium packages, you get additional features which enabl...
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Who among us has not made mistakes when starting out as an entrepreneur?

No one can be an expert in all areas and control all stages so that they don't make a single mistake. We have compiled the most common mistakes to help you avoid them. Share your mistakes and conclusions in the comments too, as Vasyl Khmelnitsky, a well-known Ukrainian entrepreneur, did in one of hi...
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Marketing plan

Do you have a great business idea and want to start your own business? And all you are missing is financial support from investors. Business angels are looking for an investment project to invest in. All you need to do is convince an investor that your project is really good. To do this you need to...
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To be or not to be... your own business

To be or not to be... your own business Increasingly thinking about starting your own business, but can't make up your mind? Do you have a great business idea that has been sitting on the shelf of unrealized dreams? We have put together some good reasons to help motivate you to take the first step....

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