OKR - goals and results in the team

OKR - goals and results in the team

What is OKR?

According to Wikipedia, OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a method used in modern management to manage projects. It enables synchronisation of team and individual objectives, and ensures effective control over the realisation of the objectives.

In simple terms, it is a management tool that enables companies to create a strategy by which a team can achieve its objectives by completing specific tasks.

OKR makes it possible to highlight the main goal which gives direction to the whole team. In order to achieve it, several key results are needed. As well as projects and tasks to help you achieve your key results.

In this way, OKR strategy can be represented as a pyramid, with the main goal at the top and the projects and tasks at the base.

This structure helps the team to come together and work towards a specific goal and makes it much easier for managers to delegate.

A strategy for setting effective OKRs.

  • Use OKR as a communication tool. Achieving goals and completing joint tasks facilitates communication between professionals on your team.
  • Determine the optimal number of OKRs. Experts advise not to set more than three, but even one OKR can be inefficient, as all attention will be focused on it, which will not allow the team to see wider. Experts consider it optimal to set 2-3 OKRs.
  • Set optimal deadlines for OKR.
    Achieving a goal cannot be an open-ended task. Set deadlines. Experts advise setting two-week deadlines for OKRs. This allows the team to complete the tasks and achieve the result without being rushed or nervous.
  • Set realistic targets. Let your goals be broad enough, but not unattainable. 60-70% is a good result. If your employees are performing at 100%, they're not ambitious enough. But don't go overboard, either, or employees will lose motivation.

Use software to increase the efficiency of your OKR.

You will make your work processes much easier if you automate the creation of OKRs, keeping track of their implementation.

The right OKR software should have these features:

  • create, define and prioritise objectives
  • register and update all users
  • facilitate feedback and identify the top contributors
  • facilitate reporting
How OKR is different from KPI

KPIs are key performance indicators, performance measures, performance measures of business processes

Basically, the difference between OKR and KPI is that KPIs measure results after they are met, while OKRs define the duties that employees must perform, set goals for the team to achieve the growth of the enterprise.

You can use both tools to manage your business more effectively.

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