How not to buy a pig in a poke or recognize a fake business project

How not to buy a pig in a poke or recognize a fake business project

On the bepartner business partner search service you can find a project for investment or joint business. There are more than 2,000 business projects in different fields and at different stages of implementation.

How to distinguish a real business project from a fake?

  1. Business plan. If there is no one it doesn’t mean a bad project, rather poor preparad. BUT when the business founder is really excited about the idea, and is going to realize it, scale it, find an investor or a business partner understands the market, competitors and the product. The founder needs to have at least a plan in mind, which can easily clarify. A fake business founder has no specific plan or strategy to implement his or her ideas, is confused when answering, or uses false data.
  2. Personal data. Not everyone definitely wants to provide personal information on the Net, but when you start a personal acquaintance it is necessary to make sure that the data is real. The user can be more trustworthy if he does not hide his real name, photo, social profile, web site, working email address.
  3. Own investments. A great indicator of how much the entrepreneur cares about the project is the effort he put into it. Ask the founder how much resources he or she has spent, how motivated is he or she to implement the project. If the answer box of 1 to 10 is less than 10, just pass it.
  4. Risks. If the project founder isn't willing to take risks for his idea, he's probably a fake entrepreneur.
  5. The motivation of starting a business. Real entrepreneurs not only want to make money, they want to solve customers' problem. Fake founders only want to make money or get “likes”.
  6. Emotional stability. Entrepreneurs fail sometimes. And emotions change from exciting to "no one needs this. That's why it's important to have a partner, also for emotional support. However, businessmen know the reasons why they are doing their business, so they get back on track and keep going.

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On the beparter website you can get packages that will show high motivation of the founder to find a partner. The Premium projects are verified by our team, which means they are not fake.


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