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About us

Originating as a Facebook community, Bepartner began its activities in March of 2019 and within only a few months the group brought together more than 1,000 people, united by a common goal: pairing its members with interested business partners.

In September 2019, we launched an online test-platform for finding and introducing entrepreneurs, professionals, investors to each other. On Bepartner you can locate interested co-founders with all of the necessary skills; business partners; and investors so you can create the dream team.

Time is your most valuable resource and the convenience of Bepartner allows you to allocate your time elsewhere.

Bepartner is not just an online platform that brings together business partners – we create a service that helps you find the right people and solve the problems of entrepreneurs more effectively. We are convinced that it is a valuable tool for the small and medium-sized enterprises development. Our team is working hard to develop and meet community needs. These needs are the motivator for constantly improving the platform.

Please contact us if you run into problems or difficulties while working with the platform. We welcome and appreciate any feedback and suggestions for improving the website.

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Despite the importance of our online service, we go beyond to integrate entrepreneurs into our partners’ communities. To facilitate this, we have created a partner club and regularly hold informal shirt-sleeve meetings. In these meetings, bepartner users can present themselves and their projects, and exchange ideas. Our goal is to provide a space where experts, founders, and investors can form personal connections.

If you are interested in having partner meetings take place in your city and ready to help please contact us

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We offer community members an additional service for project development, team search, and assistance in finding funding. We are the first in Ukraine to implement a crowdfunding scheme.

We provide advice on grant applications, accounting and legal outsourcing, and we assist in finding experienced business mentors.

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Small business corner

We are developing training courses in order to help startups and new entrepreneurs. The Small Business Corner invites experienced entrepreneurs and startupers who are ready to share their expertise and specifics of solving business problems.

We choose only practical cases for different stages of project. We start with a workshop for potential partners focused on creating presentations of our project (pitch), evaluating and preparing the company for investments, a meetup for matching cofounders and  partnership agreements.

Our team


Darina Avlastimova

founder and CEO

Darina has a background in Psychology and holds an MBA from Open University. Her experience in communication and setting up processes has revealed the problem of finding a partner and encouraged her to found Bepartner. Darina believes that this tool will allow many entrepreneurs to open up and implement their ideas, which would be less successful without a partner.


Timur Avlastimov


Timur specializes in industrial management and has 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship and thoroughly understands the problems of small and developing business, which allows him to create useful solutions for entrepreneurs.


Alexey Orlovsky

partner / Business Development

The Partner in charge of Business Development. Alexey holds degrees in Applied Math (MIPT), MBA (University of Santa Clara) and MFE (UC Berkeley). He currently works as a Sr. Quantitative Researcher at a Chicago-based finance company. Alexey has 20 years of experience working in and with startups, specializing in development, analysis, and assessment of business strategies. Alexey’s work brought him to Singapore, Japan, and the United States, making him keenly aware of international business opportunities. Alexey has been advising Bepartner strategy from its inception and is on a constant lookout for the new markets and applications.


Evgenia Kovalevskaya

partner / COO

Evgeniya is a lawyer and holds more than 10 years of experience working in various financial institutions. Evgeniya joined the team as a partner through the Bepartner service and has been holding lectures and seminars. Eugeniya is responsible for the operating, legal, and financial activities of the company.


Igor Kurochka

partner / СТО

Entrepreneur with solid experience in IT and software development. Igor joined the bepartner service first as an active user and also as a partner and helps to implement the technical part of business ideas.


Olena Smolina

communication manager

Professional in online journalistic and SMM. Olena is responsible for communications and content.

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