How a business can create a relationship funnel

How a business can create a relationship funnel

What is a relationship funnel

A relationship funnel is all about establishing a lasting relationship with your customers. It allows you to establish trust between you and your target audience by providing value. With a relationship funnel, you can increase the engagement of your target audience, then you can provide a service or product that perfectly matches your customers' request.

How a relationship funnel is different from a sales funnel

Some entrepreneurs confuse sales funnels and relationship funnels, but the difference between the two is enormous. A sales funnel uses pressure tactics on customers - scarcity and urgency. Forcing consumers to make purchases.

The relationship funnel does not use pressure techniques, instead offering customers important and useful information, different important instructions. In this way, customers make purchases because of the successful experience of interacting with the business.

Why businesses need a relationship funnel

Just like a personal relationship, trust is important in a business partnership. It's the key to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

When you build a relationship first and sell solutions afterward, it leads to customer loyalty. They make more purchases and recommend your product or service to people they know.

Key points in building a relationship funnel

Your relationship with your target audience begins when they learn about your company research your target audience

  • Use niche marketing strategies. They can give you more than trying to attract a broader audience
  • Retain your customers, be interesting to them by giving them new and relevant information
  • Be yourself when communicating with your audience.

A well-organized relationship funnel will help your business project increase customer engagement, sales and ROI.


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