CRM: How to understand your customers

CRM: How to understand your customers

What is CRM and how to better understand your customers' needs

74% of companies using CRM report an increase in sales.

CRM is a system that can be used to create a database of customer information to manage customer relationships. Companies often collect and store customer information to anticipate what customers want, what their needs are. This information helps to increase customer loyalty to the company. The system can be used by suppliers, employees and business partners.

Who can use CRM and why

  • sales department
  • HR department
  • customer service department
  • business development
  • marketing

The system makes collaboration much easier and clearly shows when and how customers have interacted with your company.

CRM will help to

  • identify your best customers and focus on them when building your marketing strategy
  • improve interaction between different departments
  • establish a personal relationship with customers to meet their needs in the best way possible
  • retain customers and increase profits.

Customer segmentation

With CRM, you can better niche customers and therefore serve them better by understanding their needs.

You can collect the following information about your customers:

    • purchase history
    • interactions with sales, customer service
How to set up a CRM to work effectively
      • Your sales and marketing team should develop a strategy with specific sales objectives
      • CRM must not take up too much of the sales team's time - if your sales team's performance is down, change the system
      • Don't try to use a popular CRM used by large companies, you may find another suitable for your type of business. Take a look at the trial versions first.
      • Inaccurate data can be a problem, check the data regularly, remove duplicates, update the information.

CRM is a great tool, but you need to find the time and resources to make the most of it.


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