Interview with an investor online: tips for entrepreneurs

Interview with an investor online: tips for entrepreneurs

Finding investment to start a business or scale a business or launch a startup is a long and emotional process for many entrepreneurs and startup founders. Now more and more investors and business angels prefer to interview online before making an appointment. The bepartner team has picked up some tips to make your pitching, presentation or interview a success.

Before the call, be sure to turn off notifications in messengers, mail, and put your phone on silent mode.

Check the following important points before the online meeting:

  • Make sure the connection is of good quality. Use an Ethernet cable if possible.
  • Check the microphone; it is very important that you can be heard clearly.
  • Choose a quiet room for the call. No music, no street noise in the background.
  • Clean the camera (no smudges, poor quality, cracks).
  • Keep an eye on the background. No clutter, scattered things, pets, dirty cups. Also, don't use built-in backgrounds, they are distracting and the investor needs to focus on you and your words. Be professional about everything.

How to interview an investor online effectively

If you're not doing the presentation alone, but with a co-founder, business partner, or principal, agree in advance which questions you take on and which questions your partner takes on.

Do not interrupt your partner. Anything you want to add to his presentation can be said after he has finished.

Know when it's time to stop. If there is a pause, it's okay. Perhaps the investor is thinking about which question to ask next. Answer the questions directly and briefly. Try not to use highly specialized terms and slang. The investor does not need to know the technicalities, but he must understand the answer to his question.

Ask the investor questions and try to engage him or her in the conversation. Questions can be as follows:

  • Do I need to tell you a little bit about me and my business partner before we start?
  • Have you had a chance to watch our presentation before the call?
  • Have you invested in projects from this or a related field before?

Show the presentation.

An online interview is a very convenient format to make a presentation to an investor. Whichever video conferencing service you choose, it's easy to make a demonstration of your product or startup.

Talk about how customers are using your product.

Take your time during the presentation. Pause for possible investor questions.

Do not give up.

Finding an investor is a long journey. You should not stop, having been disappointed after several unsuccessful meetings. It often takes about 10-20 meetings before you find "your" investor. Think of each meeting as an experience and a rehearsal. With each call, your presentation and interview will be better and more harmonious, because you will definitely get feedback. Don't be shy to ask for it, otherwise how will you improve?

Don't take any one investor too seriously, try to attract as many contributors as possible.

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