Common mistakes when writing a business plan

Common mistakes when writing a business plan

A good business plan is essential to the successful launch and operation of your business, so it is worth taking the time and care to write a business plan and avoid common mistakes.

Test your idea

Many entrepreneurs overestimate the importance of their business idea, and do not want to reveal not only the details, but also the very essence of their business project, fearing that it will be stolen. In fact, the idea itself is not worth anything. What really matters is the people - the entrepreneur and his team of specialists. Investors prefer to invest in the business and its founders rather than in the ideas. If you are looking for funding at the idea stage, however, it should definitely be vetted.

Make a business plan on time

Some entrepreneurs don't prepare a business plan until required by an investor or a bank. This is a huge mistake, as a business plan will not only help you to find investment, but also to set goals and keep track of your goals and the current status of your business.

Set clear objectives

There's no place in a business plan for vague goals like "becoming the best in the market", "taking over the world" and so on. A business plan is made to achieve a certain outcome. So give specific deadlines, budgets, responsibilities. For example, produce 25 tons of product per month by January 2022.

Make revisions

Constantly check the plan and revise it, making necessary changes as necessary. After all, even the most perfect business plan cannot take into account changes in the market, the political situation and other unforeseen things.

Keep it simple, don't make your business plan too difficult to understand or too artistic. Focus on the content.


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