ЗІП-Резидент-007: «Комюніке»

ЗІП-Резидент-007: «Комюніке»

First, I propose to get to the bottom of what is an Investment Appreciator? 

Firstly, it is not a what, but a who. An investment connoisseur becomes a person who has a rational idea. In fact, an idea creates value of the rational sort because it has the nature of the author's subjective perception of that very idea. 


It is good, when the author has a circle of like-minded people, who share his conviction of the rationalism of this idea. Then such an idea is somewhat objectified, but it is still subjective. But, it is not too much trouble, when the author "boils in his own juice" and carries his idea from doorstep to doorstep ... - it is a kind of positive process for the author. Next, the author of the idea tries to implement it, for which he needs additional funds, the amount of which exceeds the financial means of the author. Having one hundred percent confidence in the rational seed of his idea, the author forms a project out of it, aiming to find investment capital. 


Recently, one of our colleagues published an article in Bepartner-blog asking "How quickly did you find an investor? This question got me thinking about my own experience of finding celebrity investment capital for my idea (in fact, there's a whole bunch of them, not many). So in answering this question I have to be honest: Such a search process can take from one week to several years, or even dozens of years. It is mostly a winding and thorny path, with many potholes, ups and downs along the road. Either way, you'll encounter plenty of new experiences and deceptive hopes. In the end, this path may lead you to the coveted summit. Probably one thing can be said, the author of the idea acquires invaluable experience: practical and (or) life experience by following this path. Therefore, everyone who follows this path necessarily becomes an expert, evaluating such investment experience. Consequently, he/she becomes an investment connoisseur. 


And it does not really matter where you are: at the beginning of this path, or have already "eaten the pepper" along the road and more than once. 


And here I come to a very delicate question for all of you who are still reading this article. Would you like some advice from investment connoisseurs about your problematic issues on your personal journey in search of investment capital? I'll say this straight away! I am not offering myself as such an investment connoisseur here. I would rather like to know your opinion on the possibility of contacting one of these experts, if necessary, and of course receiving advice that will definitely solve a painful issue for you. 


I am asking everyone who would like to! Share your opinion on the matter in the comments below this article. Be sure to do so when you have something to say to those who pave our common path to finding investment capital. Who knows? When we get a small bunch of such investment connoisseurs, perhaps an entire "Investment Connoisseur Squad" with its own residency will form. In the meantime, I have hand-written myself the title: ZIP-Resident-007. When you don't mind that kind of self-confidence of mine. When you want to hear more relevant posts from me, beep me in the comments too ... I look forward to your feedback!


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