Why is your website losing traffic?

Why is your website losing traffic?

Why should you pay attention to traffic at all? Your website traffic is a measure of the success of your business. Visitors are your potential customers, regular visitors are loyal customers. If your traffic drops, you need to fix it urgently, because traffic directly affects sales. Also, if you want to find an investor or business partner, they will definitely want to check your website traffic.

To solve the traffic problem, you need to find out why it has dropped.

  1. Google's algorithms may have played a cruel trick on you. When google algorithms change, previous marketing strategies can prove harmful. For example, in 2012, companies that built link masses on irrelevant queries were fined by the search engine. These companies' websites stopped appearing in search queries altogether. How do you check if you have been penalized by the system? Use different search engines, and compare the results. If you are not ranked at all in one, and in the other it is the same as usual, then you have been penalised. You may find a message in the search console with a list of violated rules. How to fix the situation? Focus on slow but proper ways to attract visitors to your site, and discard questionable methods for good.
  2. Check if different pages on your site are competing for the same keywords. If pages are optimized for the same keywords or phrases, they are "eating" each other. You can check this in Google Search Console.
  3. Redirects. Check if all the links on your site are working correctly. If you've changed your address, but your blog posts are pointing to the old address, fix that.
  4. Page Speed. If your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, users don't want to wait. The site may be slow because of unnecessary plugins, too large images. If there are bulky elements on the site, remove or replace them.
  5. Competitors use a more advanced strategy. That's why it's important to analyse your competitors. When you find out why they are ahead of you, you will understand how to proceed.

As long as people use the internet, the search engine will evolve. You may encounter different traffic problems. Stay calm and deal with problems as they arise.


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