What startups can be successful in 2021

What startups can be successful in 2021

2020 could confirm Murphy's Law. No one has a manual for overcoming the problems that may arise, we cannot know exactly what 2021 will be like, but it is good to be prepared for any surprises. However, there are ideas that will not only help your startup survive but also become successful.

  1. More and more entrepreneurs are selling their products online. And direct shipping is a good business model. Dropshipping can be a good and easy solution to trading online.
  2. As the Accenture report shows, 70% of patients would like to receive telemedicine service, the same report says that about 80% of primary care services can be delivered virtually. This presents a huge opportunity for health care startups.
  3. Online education. There are a lot of opportunities for online education. Both for corporate, high school, and college education.
  4. Auto and real estate investing have always been profitable and there's no reason to think anything will change.
  5. Many businesses have moved their employees to remote work with the onset of the pandemic. On the one hand, it allows to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining an office, but on the other hand, a person needs to feel that he works in a team. Developing an application for teamwork on a remote basis seems like a promising task. As well as the organization of smart offices, which will not have a large number of people working in one large room.
  6. Companies will need services to control the remote work of employees, data storage, file exchangers. Applications that help organize all of this will be in demand like never before.
  7. At lockdown, many entrepreneurs have realized that if their business is not represented on the Internet, they don't have a business. This is a good time to start a marketing agency.
  8. Alternative energy is a great way to make money.
  9. The agricultural sector is one of the few that is almost unaffected by quarantine, the economic performance of the agricultural sector is growing steadily. More and more agrarians use IT technologies. The development of applications and services for farmers seems to be a very promising idea.
  10. Apps for sports, fitness, yoga, and nutrition will also be in great demand.
  11. Delivery services are more in demand now than ever before. You can try to find your niches, such as a delivery service for fresh farm products or fish from fishermen.
  12. Start-ups in computer games, cybersports, content maker collaborations.

Difficult times present not only difficulties but also a sea of opportunities. The main thing is to find a partner, an investor, and a team for your startup. And that's where bepartner, a business partner search service, is ready to help you.


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