What is PPC and SEO and how to use it for small businesses

What is PPC and SEO and how to use it for small businesses

According to fundera, 47% of small business founders run their own marketing campaigns. Choosing a strategy is not an easy task; each of the marketing channels requires resources: time, financial, and an understanding of how to use these tools effectively.

Why consider PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is pay-per-click advertising, meaning you pay for each click to your website from an ad.

PPC looks like:

  • a text link in search engines
  • Ads on social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Ads on Google affiliate sites

It is very important to choose the right target audience, keywords, regions and time of day when your ad will appear.

SEO is also important for small businesses

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is Search Engine Optimization, a marketing strategy aimed at increasing the organic visibility of your website. SEO is not just about filling a website with keywords, but also important metrics such as website speed, usability of an app or a mobile version.

SEO has more long-term value for promotion.

So which is better to use: SEO or PPC?

Ideally, you're better off using both tools to attract customers to your website, each has its advantages and disadvantages, but they work just fine in tandem.

If you do have to choose between PPC and SEO, then focus on exactly what kind of business you have. If it's local, then using SEO makes more sense. If your business is more focused on online sales, PPC is your option.

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