In Ukraine until October 10, 2021 all legal entities must file a Report on the ultimate beneficiaries.

In Ukraine until October 10, 2021 all legal entities must file a Report on the ultimate beneficiaries.

Who has to submit it?

IMPORTANT: a sole proprietorship does not have beneficiaries. If you are registered as an sole proprietorship and are not a founder of a legal entity, read no further.

All legal entities, regardless of the form of business: LLC, JSC, PE, must submit a report, otherwise you will face heavy fines.

Only the following persons do not have to submit beneficiary information:

  • Political parties;
  • trade unions;
  • political parties, trade unions, creative unions;
  • Political parties, trade unions, creative unions, employers' organizations and their associations;
  • bar associations;
  • Associations of co-owners of apartment buildings (condominiums);
  • religious organizations;
  • governmental bodies;
  • state and municipal enterprises;
  • Institutions, organizations, health care facilities under state or communal ownership of the territorial community or united territorial community.

Who are the beneficiaries?

A beneficiary is a person who controls the activity of a legal entity.

If the founder of a company is a legal entity, it is not a beneficiary. Only a natural person can be a beneficiary. Therefore, you must specify the natural person who controls the founder-legal entity. (If the entrepreneur has a stake in the business of 25% or more)

What documents do I have to submit?

It is necessary to submit:

  • application for state registration of a legal entity (except for public formations and authorities) - form 2 or application for state registration of a legal entity of a public formation - form 4;
  • structure of ownership in form and content according to the Order on the structure of ownership № 163;
  • extract, excerpt or other document from the commercial, bank, court register, confirming the registration of a non-resident legal entity in the country of its location - if the founder of the legal entity is a non-resident legal entity;
  • Notarized copy of the document certifying the identity, which has the status of the ultimate beneficial owner of the legal entity - for a non-resident legal entity, and if such document is issued without application of the Unified State Demographic Register means - for a physical person - resident.

Where and how to submit?

You can submit the documents to:

  • To the state registrar through Administrative Service Centers (in paper form in person or through the Ukrposhta branch). If sent by post, signatures on application must be certified by a notary (sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt and list of enclosures through the post office of Ukrposhta);
  • to the notary.


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