Useful tools for business

Useful tools for business

All people are always looking for a way to facilitate and speed up various tasks, this is also true for entrepreneurs, both beginners and experienced. There are quite a few free (or for a small fixed fee) services and tools on the Internet that can provide substantial assistance and save a lot of time.

Services for project management

  1. Trello - a service that helps teams solve work tasks efficiently
  2. Asana - helps plan and organize work
  3. Google Tasks- a tool to create and keep track of your to-do lists

Mail management tools

  1. - helps schedule when to send an email
  2. - a tool that manages contacts, projects and messages.
  3. - service for mailing out your ads, digests and promotions.

Tools for gathering information and notes

  1. - one of the fastest and most convenient services for notes. The service works not only from your computer and smartphone, but even with a smart watch - you can speak a note with your voice.
  2. - Simply put, is a pinterest service for text. You can collect and form lists of texts by topic.

Design tools

  1. Canva - If you're not an advanced Photoshop user, where editing photos and creating collages isn't a couple of minutes, Canva is a great option. Here you can create designs for business cards, flyers, infographics, and posts on social networks. The service is free, you pay only for stock photos (there are also free photos).
  2. - online photo editor. You do not even need to register here. You can crop and rotate your photos, do color correction, captioning and framing.
  3. - Easy-to-use and understandable tool for visualization. Infographics, charts, maps, graphs.

Services for sending and signing documents

  1. - service from Privat24, which helps to exchange and sign contracts, acts and other documents using digital signature. Everything is reliable and complies with Ukrainian legislation.
  2. Дія - signing documents with digital signature

Useful Connector Tools

  1. - is online connector for services and applications
  2. ManyChat - chatbot builder for Facebook messenger, handy constructor of automatic replies and mailings.
  3. LeadFeed - is a convenient service for working with Instagram comments and direct mail

Networking services

  1. - is not just a social network for finding suitable jobs, but also your business card and resume. This is where it is convenient to create your portfolio, keep a blog, and expand the circle of your business connections.
  2. service for searching business partners. On you can not only find a partner to start your own business, or jointly run a business, but also find an investor, a specialist in a startup. Also on the site a lot of promising and working projects in search of funding for scaling and reaching the next level. These investment projects from different spheres (construction, IT, agribusiness, food industry, manufacturing, and many others) will be a great opportunity to generate passive income.


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