My business idea gets stolen! Spoiler: unlikely

My business idea gets stolen! Spoiler: unlikely

The bepartner online networking team is often confronted with the reluctance of entrepreneurs to describe their project in any meaningful way. To the question, "why don't you want to explain the project?" - it is always the same answer: "My business idea will be stolen". This fear is understandable to many first-time entrepreneurs, but more often than not, it is unfounded.

There is no market for ideas. How often have you heard from others or said yourself when you saw something new on the service or product market: "This idea occurred to me a long time ago!". Nothing is new under the moon. That's why ideas without implementation are worthless. Even the most brilliant idea is worthless without implementation.

Even if you are the first in the market, the competition will not last long. When you hear about corporate espionage, you are not talking about stealing an idea, but about stealing the final product.

For your business idea to really have value, you need to make an effort and complete a number of tasks:

  • patent your idea;
  • research the market;
  • write a business plan and presentation;
  • create an MVP (minimum viable product).

And a number of other actions.

Only then will your idea be attractive to investors and business partners.

Spread the word about your idea.

You must stop being afraid to talk about your idea, on the contrary, you must talk about it as often as possible. This is the only way to get feedback on how good it is.

There are very few truly original ideas in the world. Chances are someone is thinking of something very similar right now. The main difference is what you will do with the idea. What really matters is how you will bring your business idea to life. And it's really best to keep quiet about that.

Remember that the best defence of a business idea is to start implementing it as soon as it comes into your head.


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