How to write an effective project description

How to write an effective project description

A project description should briefly describe your business, the problem it solves, the target market and your financial performance. A good description attracts attention and makes potential investors and partners understand exactly what you do and why they should continue to read the rest of your business plan or proposal. Investors and partners often make decisions based solely on reading the description, so it is important to include the right content. We will show you how to write a request to help you find a partner and/or investor.

Why is writing an effective description important?

Do you fill out a profile on the website to find an investor and partner? Then you need a good description of your project. Many people will only read it to decide if they will contact you with a business partnership proposal.

How long should the description be?

The general recommendation is that the description should be as short as possible. Businessmen and investors are usually limited in time and they want to get an idea about your business project quickly.

Try to put together a business project description of no more than two pages, although it may be a bit longer if absolutely necessary.

What is important to include in your project description?

  1. A description. What is your product or service and the problems it solves;
  2. Why you are unique. Every business has competition. briefly describe how your project differs from others;
  3. Financial overview. If your business project has already been implemented and you are in operation, you can highlight recent annual sales and growth. For a startup, this may be a brief description of plans, for example, the prediction of sales over the next few years.
  4. Your team. This is especially important for start-up companies. Investors and partners want to know who is behind the business idea and why you and your team are the right people to build a business with. If you are trying to find a professional partner, describe the gaps in your team and how you are going to fill them.
  5. Funding needs. Your resume should outline how much money you are looking for. Investors and business partners want to know this in advance, and shouldn’t have to read the business plan to find this detail.

It is also a good idea to mention evidence of early success and financial stability.

Finally, you want to be persuasive, but focus on the facts. If you wish for a potential investor or partner to contact you to clarify details and conclude a partnership, interest them in your business project. But remember, that persuasion is about facts and not language. Partners and investors are interested in content, not tone. Facts that prove the importance of the project, the potential market or the experience of a startup are far more convincing than unfounded claims of superiority.


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