How to write cold emails to the investors

How to write cold emails to the investors
A cold email is an unsolicited e-mail that is sent to a receiver without prior contact.

Many users of the business partner match service want to attract investments in their startup or business project. Therefore, they write a lot of messages and emails to potential investors, but not every email can call the attention of the recipient. In this article we will set out some rules of cold correspondence with investors.

Be concise.

Nobody wants to waste their time on reading long texts, so try to fit the essence of your project into as few characters as possible. The optimal header should contain 50-65 characters. Entry is not longer than 90 characters. Be specific, do not write "we create a unique revolutionary product", write "we make furniture from dry leaves".

The email should contain important information: the problem you solve, your decision, at what stage of the project, what the market is, whether you have a business partner or a team of specialists.

Do not ask in your first email for a phone call or a personal meeting. If you need advice or investment, just write it. Your goal at this stage is to start a dialogue.

It is very important:

Do not use in your letter professional terms or jargon, which is understandable only to professionals, write in a way that your grandmother would understand. Be sure to send a message from the company email address.

ЧWhat else can you do?

You can supplement your email with a pitch deck. Back up your words with numbers.

Common mistakes

  • Your email is a long one
  • You don't explain well which product or service you are producing
  • Do not use corporate mail with your company name

We hope our advice will help you write cold emails to investors that they will definitely want to respond to.


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