How to describe a project on bepartner platform

How to describe a project on bepartner platform

There are hundreds of projects, startups, and business ideas registered on the bepartner - service for business partner search and match. Some business ideas offer a new solution to the problems faced by their potential customers, there are also time-tested, good and solid businesses that are looking for funding to scale up or a partner for various technical tasks. All of these ideas are certainly worth considering. However, often the founders of small businesses and startups are pretty sloppy about filling out a project description. And this is definitely not a task on which to save time. After all, your goal is to find a business partner, an investor, a specialist on the team. To ensure that your project is not passed over as inarticulate, follow our advice, which we set out below.

Project title

The name of the project should reflect its essence. You do not need to write the name of your brand, especially if no one knows it but you. Also, you should not write "looking for a partner" in the title, because it is obvious.

A brief description of the project

Avoid vagueness. A common misnomer is "we have a totally, totally innovative product, with it we will achieve the incredible" or the same vague wording with empty promises. The correct description is "we are a web design studio, create sites for business, looking for a technical partner in the IT-sphere due to expansion".

Full project description

Here you can include the following:

  • what problem your product or service solves;
  • who your target audience is;
  • who your competitors are and how your product/service is better;
  • Your team, how many employees you have, how many business partners you have.

If you are looking for funding, include a realistic amount and what you are looking to invest in.


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