Facebook and Instagram could shut down in the EU: what entrepreneurs can do

Facebook and Instagram could shut down in the EU: what entrepreneurs can do

Social networking sites Facebook and Instagram could be shut down in Europe because their data transfer policies do not comply with European privacy law. European data processing law prevents Meta from transferring, storing and processing European residents' data on servers in the US. Meta is talking about the possible closure of these social networks within the EU.

An EU court struck down the previous agreement, dubbed Privacy Shield, in 2020 because of concerns that it would not be able to secure data for Europeans once it was sent to the US.

Without a transnational deal, Meta could face legal and regulatory hurdles in transferring user data, which plays a key role in its lucrative advertising business, which accounts for the bulk of the company's annual revenue.

The EU has the toughest personal data protection law, the GDPR. This Regulation imposes strict requirements on any online resource. Companies that do not comply with GDPR are at risk of losing their data.

So, what should entrepreneurs and business owners do if Facebook and Instagram are shut down in Ukraine?

Alternative to Facebook and Instagram

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Evgeniy Ranov
Evgeniy Ranov
На этих социальных сетях пользователи общаются а некоторые зарабатывают, поэтому при их закрытии создастся некий дискомфорт. Евгений Ранов

17.02.2022 10:36

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