10 reasons to register on bepartner-global.com

10 reasons to register on bepartner-global.com

The main purpose of the bepartner matchmaking service is to help you form successful business partnerships. You can browse projects and investor and specialist profiles without registering, but to contact the founder, investor or specialist, you still need to register.

We've put together 10 reasons why you should register on bepartner.

  1. You have an excellent opportunity to tell about your business project or your specialist skills and expertise and your investment wishes.
  2. Your project or resume will be seen by thousands of people around the world. Your project description and CV will be translated into English automatically.
  3. You will have a possibility to get in touch with 2000 project founders, more than 300 investors and 500 specialists directly.
  4. Writing personal messages to users directly on the website is much more convenient than phoning or writing an e-mail.
  5. View other users' projects. Apply filters and search for projects in your area of interest and geography.
  6. Receive project alerts in your inbox.
  7. Receive important and up-to-date news, webinars, netturns and project digests in your inbox.
  8. You can take advantage of paid Standard and Premium packages. The packages enable you to get great benefits for your project (the project will remain on the first pages of the website, will be seen by more users, and therefore get more reactions. Our moderator will help with the right description to attract more attention. Project repost for our social media audience. More opportunities to get in touch with Investors).
  9. Your contact details will be hidden. You can only reveal them to users who are interested in you.
  10. The bepartner team does not judge how crazy your business idea is, we just help you find a business partner:)

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