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Marketing / Advertising / PR






BSU Internet marketer

Work experience

1-3 years

Positions over the past 5 years

Cosmetics and perfumery chain stores Moscow Marketing and advertising specialist Brand management in social networks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram. Content creation, setup and maintenance of targeted advertising of all types, including Yandex Direct. Increasing the number of sales. Network of beauty salons "Artstil" Moscow Marketer

Description of knowledge and experience

Ability to create communities / events in Vkontakte (work with the appearance of the community, work with the content part of the community - writing articles, press and post-implementation) Ability to work with publication planners in social networks. Ability to work with VK - auto-mailing applications. Ability to create Facebook pages (creating a main and business page; creating a group and filling it with content) Ability to create an Instagram account (creating a page, determining its type - blog, business, filling it with content, working with hashing) Ability to work with LandingPage constructors (Tilda .ws, LPGenerator) Ability to work with shortened link services. Ability to work with online graphical tools - Avatan, Canva, Crello Ability to work with automatic e-mail distribution services. Ability to work with payment acceptance services. Ability to work with various payment systems. Ability to work with basic office suites. Ability to create presentations. Ability to work with Google services. Ability to work with Yandex. Ability to work with Mail.ru services Ability to work with screenshot services. Ability to work with Evernote. Ability to edit video in Movavi Ability to work with the technical and visual component of a webinar - webinar creation based on pruffme, description, cover design; preparation of presentation material, music, videos; webinar moderation. Transcription skills (work in Google.Docs, Speechpad.ru and similar services)

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