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more than 3 years

The easy and convenient station of power banks for charging of any gadgets will help people to charge the technical device quickly anytime and anywhere quickly.


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Project summary

The station is designed as practically as possible so that it can be installed anywhere, even with limited space.

The main characteristics that confirm the convenience of the station are characterized by the following data:

  • Number of slots: 12 pieces;
  • Size: 30x26x19 cm;
  • Weight: up to 3 kg;
  • Electricity consumption: 60 W / h.

We understand that in today's world, time is a limited resource that is valued the most. Therefore, the main goal of the team is to develop the fastest and simplest application that works in 3 clicks:

  • Uploaded;
  • Opened the application;
  • Took a power bank.

This cycle should last 20 seconds, which is what the development team strives for, and reduce the time to allow people to use it for their own needs.

Company plan for the first 6 months:

  • Achieve the highest level of technical improvement of the application, for ease of use;
  • Ensure the correct and efficient placement of stations in popular locations;
  • Promote the service by informing residents about its availability.
  • The main direction that the team wants to choose for the first 2 years is the distribution of stations in the cities of millions in Eastern Europe in the main places of pastime and stay of people.

This service will help people stop worrying that they may be out of touch and miss some important news, because we understand that gadgets have become an integral part of today's world. That's why our team makes every effort and wants to give people an accessible service that would help get the phrase "I have a discharged phone" out of common use.


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