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1-3 years

Stajin is a mobile application that allows you to find social support when organizing personal events.






Project summary

I am looking for partners or an investor for the development of a finished project. A few years ago, my team and I created a mobile application that was supposed to help people find strangers to scale their personal event. Like a flash mob, only aimed at a specific event of a specific person (make an offer, play a friend, meet a girl, etc.)

The project was launched on Google Play and AppStore in March 2020. This is when the very first wave of COVID-19 began. Since the project was social, it was decided to freeze it. Moreover, everything you need to run advertising is available. 3 commercials were filmed, mockups were created, the application was translated into 4 languages.

We have been waiting for COVID-19 to end. While I was waiting, bad things began to happen in my country. I was forced to leave my country with my family. It took us a couple of years to get back on our feet.

Now I want to restart the project and am looking for investors, or a business partner, since the project team is no more. There is only me: the founder and author of the idea. There are source codes for the application, as well as everything you need to restart Stajin.

For all questions, write, we will talk. Thank you for your attention.

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