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Pine Biofuel





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Pine pellets are one of the most common types of fuel. These granules are characterized by high heat transfer and relatively low cost.


Raw Material Production




Project summary

Pine biofuel can be used for any solid fuel boilers - domestic and industrial.

Product Benefits

Pellet features:

  • ash content up to 0.7% - reduces the frequency of cleaning the furnace, the chimney does not form carbon deposits, simplifies maintenance and extends the life of the equipment;
  • high calorific value - the fuel burns out and smolders several times longer than traditional firewood of the same volume;
  • simple maintenance of equipment - automatic feeding of pellets into the furnace can be organized;
  • safety - the combustion process takes place without shooting and sparks;
  • ease of storage - packages are placed even in compact rooms, the fuel is not in danger of spontaneous combustion;
  • Features of the production of pine pellets
  • All products comply with European quality standards. The ash content of the pellets is not more than 0.7%.

    Stages of biofuel production:

  • primary crushing - waste is crushed and foreign inclusions are removed from them;
  • drying - the moisture content is reduced to the required level;
  • fine crushing - fractions are crushed to a predetermined size;
  • water adjustment and pressing - the granules are sintered under high pressure;
  • cooling and drying - these processes complete the preparation for packaging;
  • Packing is optimal for large customers who purchase fuel in industrial volumes. Pine pellets are also packed in big bags that can hold 1000 kg of products. Retail customers are offered granules in plastic bags. Both types of packaging reliably protect the contents from moisture.

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