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Sauna protective underwear




In progress

1-3 years

This product is patented. Designed to preserve the sexual function of men when visiting baths or saunas



Medical / Pharmaceutical




Project summary

My goal is to implement my project for the production and popularization of the invention - protective pants for a sauna (bath). The meaning of this product is to prevent overheating of the scrotal organs, which entails a violation of spermatogenesis, sperm agglutination and infertility. The full cycle of renewal of the sperm population takes about 3 months. Currently, the problem of infertility is quite acute, especially in Europe. The white population is rapidly decreasing, being replaced by the colored. Studies have shown that after visiting the sauna in "not-hot" shorts, no pathological changes occurred in comparison with the control sperm analysis. In turn, under equal conditions of visiting the sauna without “not-hot” panties, pronounced changes in the spermogram were revealed. There is a pronounced agglutination and aggregation of spermatozoa, mobility decreases, the fertility rate of Farris decreases, since excessive overheating of the scrotal organs and protein folding occurs. The scrotum is normally several degrees colder than the temperature of the rest of the body! These processes can be observed in the excretory tubules (the convoluted tubules of the testicle obturating them with clots of spermatozoa and, as a consequence, cause the formation of testicular and epididymal cysts. There is a prototype of such panties. The first batch requires investment. There is a Ukrainian patent, applications to the EU, USA, Canada, India, If you are interested in my project, please contact me and I will provide full information with documentation and research materials and a business plan.

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