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According to the invention "Rotary machine": pump, vacuum pump, compressor, hydraulic drive and pneumatic drive, there is a business plan, working drawings.


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Project summary

The proposed rotary machine contains a housing 1, in the annular working volumes 2 and 3 of which, respectively, parts 4 and 5 in the form of a part of a ring are slidably made on disks 6 and 7, respectively, rigidly connected to the shafts 8 and 9, respectively, which are capable of rotation in the body 1, in an arc 180 * in the amount of 4 in an arc length of 22.5 * with a distance between them along the length of the arc 22.5 * and at the same time one extreme part 4, 5 is at the beginning of these 180 *, and the second extreme part 4, 5 is located at a distance to the second edge of these 180 *, also along the length of the arc 22.5 *, the shafts 8 and 9 are rigidly connected with the same gears 10 and 11, which are in external gearing, the body 1 has respectively cylindrical protrusions 12 and 13, which form the working volumes 2 and 3 and which have, respectively, cutouts 14 and 15 with an inner cylindrical surface, along which parts 4 and 5 have the ability to slide, in the housing 1 there are corresponding suction and discharge holes 16 and 17, in the housing 1 between the disks 6 and 7 and the gears 10 and 11 there is a sealed partition 18, in which the shafts 8 and 9 are rotatable, the shaft 9 is the driving one, the parts 4 and 5 are interconnected respectively, plates 19 and 20, which are slidable along the cylindrical surfaces of the projections 12 and 13 of the housing 1, respectively.

The proposed rotary machine works like a pump or compressor, when rotation is applied to the shaft 9, the shafts 8 and 9 rotate in the opposite direction, as shown in Fig. 2, because they are connected through the gear couplings of the wheels 10 and 11, rotate in the same way and parts 4 and 5, because they are rigidly connected to the discs 6 and 7, respectively, which are rigidly connected to the shafts 8 and 9, respectively, this leads to the fact that a suction pressure is created at the hole 16, and the discharge pressure at the hole 17, when a rotary machine works as a hydraulic drive or a pneumatic drive, an unprofitable pressure is applied to port 16 or 17 and the rotary machine works in reverse order.This rotary machine, unlike all the others, has a sliding part of its moving part in the zone of separation between the high pressure zone and the low pressure zone. cylindrical surface on the cylindrical surface of the stationary part. In existing rotary machines, one of these surfaces is not cylindrical and, therefore, a discharge from the high pressure zone to the low pressure zone occurs.

Looking for a partner

automatic machine translation


It is necessary to order the execution of parts according to the working drawings made by me using the Compass program, file an international application with the PCT, find buyers of patent rights and make transactions with them, including the requirement to sell us sets of parts that we assemble into products and sell on the market.

Expected abilities

The partner must have sufficient funds for the project and does not need to have a technical education. He must fully represent the consumer properties of the future product and how this factor can be used in the project.


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