In progress

more than 3 years

Development, marketing and sales of pharmaceutical products. Production of high-precision X-ray equipment. Development of affordable and high-quality family medicine.



Medical / Pharmaceutical




Project summary

The planned increase in the value of the share from 2022 to 2030 is 14 times. (1359%)
The estimated amount of dividends is 11-25% per annum.

Minimal investment just $5000.

Invest in health! Invest in development! Invest in innovation!

Invest in preventive pharmaceutical products.
Support the high-precision diagnostic equipment industry.
Develop modern affordable medicine in Ukraine.
Earn money and influence changes for the better!

Already invested $ 1,832,515 ($ 1,080,000 own direct investment, $ 752,515 reinvested through operating activities).

There are three main areas of work:

  1. Development, production, distribution, marketing and sales of pharmaceutical products.
    • 15 products for prevention and health promotion have been successfully developed and launched on the market, presented in all major national pharmacy chains.
    • Sales 1 year ~ UAH 500,000, 2 years ~ UAH 2,800,000, 3 years ~ UAH 7,000,000.
    • In December 2020, the break-even point was passed.
  2. Development and production of innovative X-ray diagnostic equipment. High-tech modern and affordable X-ray diagnostic systems have been developed and are ready for registration and entry into the market:
    • High Speed Low Dose Digital X-ray Diagnostic Screening System
    • Unique digital 3D mammography system with tomosynthesis.
    • Affordable 2D mammography system for mass screening of breast cancer.
  3. Project to support the development of affordable family medicine in rural areas (under development).


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