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Development, marketing and sales of pharmaceutical products.



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Project summary

Short Summary

Young growing pharmaceutical company. We are operating on an emerging market (Ukraine). The company was founded by specialists in medicine and pharmacy with successful 15 years background in the field of pharma marketing and sales.

The Business

The main activity is the development, production and marketing of highly effective pharmaceutical products to meet the needs of each potential customer. The company also specializes in pharma marketing and product sales of our valued partners.

The portfolio includes 14 products (12 in active promotion, 2 in development), which are used in the following therapeutic areas: cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, paediatrics, dermatology, traumatology, gynaecology, urology, andrology, cosmetology, dentistry. Also on the market are 8 products of our partners (full potential of the portfolio - 52 positions).

The Market

The pharmaceutical market of Ukraine was 4 046 857 440 USD in 2019, 4 236 832 110 USD in 2020. And by results of the two quarters of 2021 shows growing dynamics (Q1+Q2 is 2 330 010 170 USD).

The volume of our current segment (our 12 active products) is 281 422 153 USD and will grow next 4 years (approx. +20% per year).

When we will expand our portfolio with 20 more products the market volume of our segment will be approx.  500 000 000 USD.


At the moment our sales 350 000 USD per annum with only 2 regions, covering less than 7% of the total market. Our goal is to reach 3 000 000 USD sales in 2023 (1% of our market segment) and 9 000 000 USD in 2030 (3.2% of our market segment).

The first goal will be achievable when we will have representatives in each region (100% coverage of the market). And the second one we will achieve after portfolio expansion (+20 products). And the next step will be the export of products to other countries.

The Deal

We are ready to give 49% of equity for 1200000 USD. In the case of the loan agreement for 5 years, we can offer 5% per annum in USD.

The funding will be used for hiring new representatives, the development of new products and for marketing activities (digital and TV advertising, new researches and participating in scientific conferences).

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