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I am looking for a passive investor in one of the most profitable and fastest growing businesses in Poland - an employment agency.



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I have many years of experience in running a similar business, developed customer bases and channels for recruiting employees from all over the world, and I also have a whole know-how developed over the years in the conduct of this type of interest.
Expectations and offers to the investor:
The amount of investments is 15 million zlotys (+-3.5 million dollars). The entire amount will be spent on the purchase of an existing employment agency with 900 active employees. 50/50 share split. Under this condition, I can assure the investor of the return of the investment within 3 years (ROI=30/32%).
When attracting your customer base, profitability will increase 1.5-1.7 times (an additional 500 jobs). A business that is already working does not need to wait for development, which is a big plus for an investor, because the return on investment will occur from the first month.
Of course, the maximum provision of the investor's funds.
Please contact only interested persons who have capital.
Personal meeting in Warsaw, or other cities in Poland and Europe as a whole.
It is possible to contact via e-mail or phone number (+ 48)_(666)_(957)_(715).

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