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International, Closed, Elite Interest Club. The atmosphere of privilege for the members of a closed Club is a priority, a place that not everyone can become a member of; people search.







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PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: - Direction - social network, - Theme-organization of the International Closed Elite Dating Club of Interest "X", with all the direct principles of the club system (there are no analogues of such a Club on the dating market yet, at least we have not found it). organization and promotion of this project - approximately up to $ 250,000 during the year. The implementation period of this project is up to 1 year, Stage of the project (work has been done to prepare the structure of the Club and the site and continue): - "Startup" project, - a team has been formed (designers, programmers etc.), - the design of the Club and the name, structure of the Club, legal documents, logo, etc., were determined and developed. - 70%), etc. Purpose of the project: Organization and promotion of the project "International Closed Elite Dating Club by Interest". Essence of the project: "International, Elite Dating Club" (a topic for those who understand). To unite financially successful people who are interested in search of relationships to help them realize desires, dreams and bring their plans to life. The activities of the club will be confidential. Protection of personal data, individual approach to the interests and desires of each member of the Club. The purpose of the organization of the project: • Creation of a profitable enterprise (Business Plan); • Provision of a high-quality premium online platform for acquaintance and communication on the interests of a closed type; • Entry into the international premium market of online dating in the countries: EU, USA, CIS, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China and others; • Within 3 years, bring the Club to the TOP-10 and receive a net profit of more than $1,000,000/year; • Occupying one's niche from the total global online dating market for more than 0.5%, this is more than 100,000 people, regular users of the Club; The main indicators of the project (Business Plan): The amount of investment for the project: $ 250,000 (during the year, in equal shares, part has already been invested in the organization of the project, there are options for minimizing the project); Payback: 10 months; Payback period of initial investment (PP): 16 months; Discount rate: 12%; Payback period of the initial investment, calculated taking into account discounted cash flows (DPP): 12 months; Profitability indicators: 1 year - 0%; 2nd year - 29%; 3 year - 57%; Project Net Present Value (NPV): $758,760; Return on Investment Ratio (ARR): 156.76%. The development process is underway, everything is there, from understanding the market (marketing, business plan and much more), to the formed development team. There are solutions to distinguish our project from the "colleagues" that are on the market. PS The project is very complex, serious, lively, in demand and really interesting.

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Promotion and implementation of the project.

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Wishes to the future Partner: 1. Active life position, 2. Direct participation in the promotion of the project !!!, 3. The presence of Optimism and the absence of financial problems!)

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