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1-3 years

Highly profitable and waste-free production


Food industry



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Good afternoon I would really like to make a large-scale and profitable project a reality! And of course, I hasten to introduce you to this project! This is the food industry. MEZ is an oil extraction plant that is very popular, especially if the products are exported. This enterprise is focused on processing oilseeds, namely sunflower seeds. During the processing process, several high-quality (in accordance with GOST) and popular products are produced at once: sunflower oil, sunflower meal, pellets from sunflower husks. This is highly profitable and, most importantly, waste-free production! My experience in the oil and fat niche is more than 9 years. Several large-scale projects were launched and put into operation, which are successfully operating to this day! I taught many people who, in the process, became excellent specialists in their field. I will be glad to discuss this project and create a productive reality from the idea!

Best regards, Artyom Vladimirovich!

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