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Marketplace that unites the food market.




In progress

1-3 years

An online platform for organizing interaction between manufacturers, suppliers and buyers of food products in the B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B segments.




Raw Material Production

Food industry

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Project summary

The goal of the project is to create a platform that will help Food Manufacturers to promote their products, Suppliers to quickly find the right product, Customers, to make direct purchases of food from Manufacturers or through Suppliers.

IMPORTANT !!!: Helping farmers in this difficult period is a good humanistic idea, but doomed to failure due to the lack of resources for promotion. We offer Business: profitable, highly profitable, modern. Which, thanks to its functioning and the achievement of the tasks set, as a result, realizes the task of helping farms and ordinary families, will give the opportunity to buy healthy food products. But our Business is much broader and more global than the solution of these humanistic tasks. We are creating a new market.

Unique advantages:

  • Maximum adaptation of the platform to the food market. For example, the period for raising poultry is 7 months. Moreover, this product can be sold within a certain period of time. The food market has a lot of such specific details, all of them will be reflected, agreed upon and ordered in the platform.
  • Pre-order prepaid . This function will solve many of the Farmer's problems: confidence in the marketing of products, the ability to initially stock a larger livestock and receive money for the purchase of feed. The customer, in turn, will receive a guaranteed delivery of products at a reduced price.
  • Direct relationships between the Manufacturer and the Customer through the Skolchin service, without intermediaries, which will reduce the cost of products by 50%. At the moment, most of the market works through intermediaries.
  • Convenient product search scheme for intermediaries. It is inconvenient to work with various small suppliers directly for the business, therefore, intermediaries are needed to combine orders.

The platform will offer all participants the following services:

  • Search within the platform across a wide field of very specific parameters related only to the food market.
  • Base of ads. Including seasonal, with the ability to set the possible shipping time.
  • Websites of manufacturers and customers within the platform. With a deep description of all parameters of each product. As well as supply and demand.
  • Food delivery sites within the platform. The platform will lead and integrate the trend of creating sites for the delivery of farm products, groceries and, in part, prepared food.
  • Combining orders. It will allow small households to fully participate and develop in the market.
  • Organization on the platform of payment instruments that will allow to combine cash flows and conclude contracts through internal verification.
  • Analytics. In which regions, what and how much is produced, sold, at what point in time it is sold and in what volumes it is transported. This information can be used to form your niche in the market - to create additional sales and services.

Marketing and Market:

The platform aims to unite the food market with the subsequent development of farms, private producers of finished products, and small households and provide services to customers in the B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B formats.

Like mushrooms on the Internet, new sites, groups, communities appear on social networks with offers to sell food. But this is all very chaotic. We are creating a platform similar to Prom.ua, only in the food sector.

There is no direct competitor in the form of such a site. There are a number of classifieds sites (rather simplistic). Also, some marketplaces add grocery products in a minimal amount (but not all the necessary assortment, no intermediate production goods, no specialization and necessary services for this market).

Similar, more narrowly specialized services are already available in 15 countries of the world. These are countries with completely different mentality, but everywhere, projects are successful and profitable. But we go further, and create a new market, a new scheme of interactions, including all previous experience, but not limited to them.

Platform participants:

  • Producers: large agricultural holdings, farms, micro-farms, (an ordinary rural backyard).
  • Suppliers: wholesalers, transport companies, intermediary companies.
  • Buyers: supermarkets, shops, bazaars, online shops with delivery.

First of all, our clients will be farms, small and medium-sized food producers and their direct customers.

In the next step, we will offer products and convenient services for chain stores and hypermarkets.

Promotion plan:

The platform will be created and promoted in stages. At the beginning, as a database of ads with unique search and sorting capabilities and as an opportunity to create websites for manufacturers within the platform, even later the service will provide the ability to combine orders into wholesale.

With proper funding, the platform will fully launch in a year. It is also planned to reach the break-even point in a year.

Planned market share: 25% of the turnover in the country's food market

Team and its competencies:

At the moment, the startup has several permanent participants and about 10 involved consultants:

  • director, with experience in managing his own company and extensive experience as a top manager;
  • specialist in website development and SEO optimization;
  • temporarily recruited employees for specific tasks.

In the future, the project team will be about 80 people.

Current status:

To test ideas, the site takysmachno.com was created, they entered a crisis with it, carried out deliveries and assessed the market and demand. We got a positive result on parameters that are very important for the platform.

Own contribution at the moment:

  • 1 year of work and a fully formed, tested working idea of the project;
  • an implemented and operating online store for the delivery of farm products;
  • cash costs $ 15,000.
  • stage of the project - early stages (Early Stage)
  • Required investments: $ 85000
  • Investment type: Equity participation
  • Intended investor share: negotiable.

All information on the project is a complete description.

Looking for a partner

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Tasks will be assigned according to the skills and experience of the partners. The partner's share in the project is determined by his direct cash investments and functions performed. All proposals on how to do better, or how to find an investor better and faster, help in finding an investor, but without personal financial investments, are not accepted.

Expected abilities

1. Opportunity to invest money, time, experience in this project. 2. Implementation of specific functional tasks that will be consistent with strategic objectives and contribute to the growth of the project.


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