Crypto exchange




In progress

up to 1 year

A project of a cryptocurrency exchange - anindividual platform that combines centralized and decentralized solutions with the issuance of its crypto token based on BEP-20 (Binance smart chain) or ADA






Project summary

I am looking for an investor or a buyer in a cryptocurrency exchange project. Implementation and functionality of the project is 65-70% ready to launch the first stage. There is a team for further development. Pre-sale sale price $ 24,000

Plan to return the investment at the first stage when launching the token and reselling coins in the amount (5-7%) with the involvement of a global marketing company. With hype when the whole crypto market will grow.

Planned collection of investments for further development and launch of the project from $ 100,000.


In case of sale of the project, re-registration with the legal agreement and transfer of the domain / hosting / server to the name of the new owner. There is an opportunity to finish the project by the team that developed it for me.


In the case of attracting investors, this will be discussed% of project ownership, namely the percentage of total issuance of tokens. Some tokens can be distributed between the team, SEO, marketing and people involved in the presale


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