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Co-investment in the product launch of a unique board game with a projected return of 140-200% within 7-12 months. The investment amount is $10,000-$30,000. Join the release of an innovative product!



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Project summary

About the project:

"Salsa Valley" is a board game that combines the world of cryptocurrencies with an engaging gameplay experience. The game is fun, strategic, and educational; it is designed for board game lovers, fans, collectors, and crypto enthusiasts, offering a unique experience through play and learning.

We offer investors the opportunity to co-invest in the first edition of the game with profit sharing.

Target Audience and Problem:

The game is aimed at both crypto enthusiasts and those unfamiliar with the crypto world, but who want to have fun and understand cryptocurrencies in an easy, entertaining way.


Mainly focus on the US (as 50% of all board games are sold in the US). The board games market is large and fast-growing, currently amounting to $19 billion).

Solution and Product:

"Salsa Valley" offers players a strategic and fun gaming experience related to cryptocurrencies. The game promotes learning through gamification, making complex concepts accessible and interesting.

"Salsa Valley" provides players with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of cryptocurrencies through a fun and educational game.

Financial Metrics and Plan:

- Total development and pre-production costs: $60,000 (already invested)
- Planned production costs for 1,000 units: $60,400
- Average selling price per box: $90
- Projected revenue: $90,000 - $120,000+ for 1,000 units, including sponsorship packages

Use of Funds:

Investments will be directed towards the production of the first batch of the game and marketing for its promotion. The game is ready and tested. Currently preparing for printing and sales.

Benefits for Investors:

- High returns: 140-200% within 7-12 months.
- Mention on the thank-you page in the game rules.
- Opportunity to create your own card in the game.
- Priority participation in investments in future editions of the game.

Profit Distribution and Payment Schedule:

- Investors will receive up to 40% of the net profit.
- Sales channels: Kickstarter, NFT sales, distributor networks, dropshipping. Sales partners are already in place.
- Payments will be made in 3 stages: after selling 50%, 75%, and 100% of the edition.


Our team consists of experienced developers and crypto experts who have already achieved success in their previous projects. The project won and became the Startup of the Year 2023 in Miami.


We are looking for investors who will not only provide financial support but also show interest in our product and brand. We guarantee transparency and timely payments.

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