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Hello!  We have created and launched the innovative information platform INFOCOIN.  The idea is that the viewer's attention on the platform has its value, and he gets paid for the views. 


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If you are interested in the title of my appeal, you probably need advertising that brings results. I understand this better than anyone else. You can believe me. 

My name is Andrei Ross, and I faced the challenges of advertising more than once when I was again trying to promote my startups.

In today's media world, every entrepreneur has to go through seven circles of hell to get the word out about their product or service. To place an advertisement, you must research tens of advertising platforms, enlist the help of hundreds of specialists (marketers, target audiences, social media managers, copywriters), and spend a pretty penny. And what a disappointment it is when all the effort and resources are spent in vain because there are no new customers, which means that advertising does not work.


Why did the advertisement stop working?            


Advertising has taken over the planet. Look around. It's getting to you wherever you go. It shines from every pole with colourful banners, invades your space when you watch TV, and permeates your ears when you listen to the radio. Even if you throw away the TV and turn off the radio in your car, you will receive a phone call offering to buy a new pillow or an orthopaedic mattress.  


Well, what about without the primary hotbed of advertising – the Internet? Here, you will be overwhelmed with information that you do not need, even at the most inopportune time. After all, it happened more than once, right? You watch a video, and suddenly, they shout: “Cure psoriasis!” You read the news, and in the middle of the page pops a horrible picture that says, “Say no to haemorrhoids!” You go to social networks, and there are smiling bloggers telling you that they lost weight thanks to a magic pill. As advertising violated his boundaries day after day, the consumer started to feel powerless and defenceless. A person spends their attention, time, and, in the end, his life on other people's interests.


People have learned to ignore advertising to avoid going insane and drowning in this media rubbish. As a result, that is what we have: modern advertising is no longer effective.

The world requires a new advertising platform.


My partners and I devised a whole new platform for promoting information that would entirely change humanity's attitude toward advertising by 180 degrees, while also being equally advantageous and interesting to both the advertiser and the viewer.


And that's how the INFOCOIN platform was born, with a team of the best IT experts and marketers working on it for two years, with Ukrainian specialists at its core. In December 2022, the platform went live on the territory of the European Union. I can say that the first weeks of INFOCOIN have exceeded all our expectations and fully proved the success of the business idea behind the project. Shortly, the platform will start working worldwide and will gather millions of users from all corners of the globe. So, I want to tell you about INFOCOIN so that you can join the platform as soon as possible and advertise with actual results.


Viewing advertising with pleasure is possible with INFOCOIN.


Before setting up INFOCOIN, we asked ourselves: What would make people in the 21st century willing to watch advertising? To find out, we turned to a Polish independent company that polled people to determine what advertising should be like so that viewers would enjoy watching it. In the end, 80 per cent of the respondents voted that they would watch advertisements only for a reward, meaning that the advertiser would pay them for their time and attention. This is how we found the golden formula for advertising promotion, which relied on a relationship between the advertiser and the viewer that is honest, beneficial, and trusting.


As you may have already guessed, the advertiser does not pay money to the platform, but to the viewer. It's up to you to decide how much you want to pay the viewer per second watched. The platform itself only gets a small percentage for establishing a connection between the entrepreneur and the client. Such mutually beneficial cooperation brings plenty of advantages:


✓ the advertiser and viewer establish an open and respectful relationship;

✓ a motivated consumer watches the advertisement with pleasure and without rejection;

✓ an ecological environment for information exchange is formed where no one violates anyone else's boundaries.

I'm sure many of you questioned the work of INFOCOIN and thought that viewers would go to the platform first to earn money and not to view advertising. Naturally, we have provided its importance, this is another secret of the INFOCOIN platform.


Yes, you are right! Viewers from all over the world come to our platform to earn money, but the system works so that the payment is credited to the user's wallet only when the video is viewed from the beginning to the end. This process is controlled using technology such as Touch ID, Face ID, or CAPTCHA.


In other words, even though the person is not there specifically for your product, they will know 100 per cent about it and watch your advertising with maximum engagement, from the first to the last second. And the more people who view your video, the better the chance of attracting real customers, right?


How does INFOCOIN work?


How do you imagine the media platform of the future? Some might see it as teleshopping with hundreds of videos playing one after the other, but of course, this is far from the case.


INFOCOIN is a modern and innovative platform that is simply unparalleled. To make this easier, INFOCOIN is a world of advertising and informational videos lasting up to 20 seconds. It can be an advertisement for your product, information about services, a blogger's business card, fundraising for a charity, or an election campaign - you name it!


Anyone may use the platform, and it is free of charge. Simply go to https://www.infocoin.online/ or download a convenient mobile app from the App Store, Google Play, or Huawei App Gallery. Thanks to the app, the viewer and the advertiser can stay in touch anytime and from any locationbecause to watch a video or download it, it is enough to have a smartphone. Both the app and the website have such a straightforward functionality and interface that even a novice who has picked up a gadget for the first time can use the platform.


All the videos on the platform are distributed by interest: "cars," "fashion," "travel," "music," "food," and more. In this way, viewers on the platform can only watch what they are interested in, and this significantly narrows down your audience to potential customers.


In addition, every day, you can participate in an auction, raising your bid per second of video viewing. The higher the rate, the more chances you have to get on the three-hour top playlist, which broadcasts non-stop to all INFOCOIN users throughout the day and collects millions of views.


If a video isn't viewed or is viewed but not to the end, no money is taken from the advertiser. This creates a new, fair information market.


Start advertising right now!


The first few easy steps to start advertising on INFOCOIN are:


✓ register yourself or your company on https://business.infocoin.online/author in the mobile app;

✓ select the country or city where the video will be broadcast; 

✓ enter the age and gender of your target audience;

✓ upload a video of up to 20 seconds in length and select the category of interest to which it relates;

✓ make an advance payment to an e-wallet from a card or company account.



And that's it! Then you can just enjoy the incoming views. By the way, thanks to the transparent operation of the INFOCOIN system, you can personally control the statistics of your success. You can do this in your account - it reflects all the views, likes, and complaints at the moment.

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