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Good day. We need an investor with starting capital of $20,000 or more. The field of transport and transportation.


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Good day. I am looking for someone who can help me financially. I am writing immediately for what need. In connection with the situation in the country, we all know that the sea does not work at 100%, but the needs of the world still remain in our products, so we still have roads. And the bulk of transportation fell on freight transport. I have a job for freight transport Ukraine-EU, EU-Ukraine. But there is one big problem: I don't have enough funds to buy a truck. Therefore, I am looking for people who could invest in me. The initial cost of the Euro-5 coupling starts at $20,000.

Income from one hitch $3-5 thousand per month


For example:

First download:
Odesa - Istanbul (Turkey)
Cargo: 22 tons
Bid: $3,500

Second download:
Istanbul - Lviv
Cargo: 22 tons
Bid: $3,200

Third download:
Chernivtsi - Constanta (Romania)
Cargo: 22 tons
Bid: $2,300

Fourth download:
Constanta - Odessa
Cargo: 21 tons
Bet: $2000

Total: $11,000
Distance: 4300 km
Number of days: 34


1. Expedition - $330
2. Taxes - $213
3. Fuel - 2450 €
4. Depreciation - €990
5. On the road - 450 €
6. ZP Driver - 1650 €

Profit - 4900 €

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