In progress

up to 1 year

I'm looking for a programmer or a team to refine the store and marketing activities on the Polish market and project development on the Ukrainian market.


Sales / Distribution / Retail






Business development

Project summary

The project is based on the development of the footwear and shoe accessories sales network of integrated shoe wholesalers and cooperation with retail stores across the country as a distributed shoe storage model.
ButBox.pl and ButBox.com.ua has a social and business model of development and helping small retailers in gaining customers on the Internet.

Stores that start working with us gain:
- they increase the sale of goods via the Internet
- they do not have to set up and run their own stores, which are expensive to maintain and require specialist knowledge
- we increase the rotation of goods
- receive free online and local promotion
- get the opportunity to use 360 photos of their goods
- receive a stand with footwear accessories

Joining the ButBox network is free of charge and only for selling through the ButBox store a commission of 10-15% is deducted from the price of the goods.

Looking for a partner


The main goal is to correct errors, make the website work and load quickly, be integrated with Google tools, introduce a few changes to the front end and prepare for SEO in Poland and Ukraine

Expected abilities

We are looking for someone with programming skills for technical refinement of the store, introducing changes to the website code (Prestashop) and optimization for SEO

Business development

Searching for shops and wholesalers with footwear for cooperation in Ukraine.

Expected abilities

Development of a similar business model in Ukraine for the sale of footwear via the Internet.

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