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1-3 years

We produce and sell a food product based on microalgae able to heal the human body



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Project summary

A technology company in the areas of foodtech, biotech, healthcare, representing a full product cycle (from idea to sales and support):

- a bioreactor for growing microalgae with high added value has been developed, we can even place it on Mars;

- the author's technology for growing the microalgae Spirulina (the basis of the product), allows to produce the highest quality product without the use of growth stimulants, hormones, antibiotics, chemical remedies, etc.

- sales were realized through an online store with fresh frozen delivery by service companies

- product tested with positive customer feedback and full monthly sales

- the product is easy to use, breakfast in 1 minute is equivalent to several kg of various vegetables and fruits

Why customers like our product? Adding our product to the diet and:

- heartburn as unheard of (we remove the increased acidity in the stomach),

- nails and hair do not break (we saturate the body with calcium and iron),

- digestion and metabolism work like a clock, and constipation will no longer bother (complete vegetable protein),

- thrush will cease to cause inconvenience (we will increase and stabilize the pH level),

- powerful prevention of diabetes, viral diseases, cancer

The process cultivation disposed of carbon and produces oxygen.

A more detailed brief see on the https://thecompanybrief.com/briefs/pdypa

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