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1-3 years

Augmented reality development environment - no code Web AR constructor. Spaces of the AR Metaverse and AR Worlds.





Project summary

The ARTAR platform allows you to create Web AR projects and gamification without programming knowledge. Place interactive AR scenes on QR codes, images, and in seamless AR worlds of the Metaverse.

The online designer allows you to assemble AR-scenes from ready-made media files. Adjust the position in space or relative to the marker, interactivity, animation, randomness, adding contacts, collecting statistics, and more. 3D and 2D editors are intuitive. At the same time, there are instructions and the opportunity to undergo training. Functionality is regularly added and updated.

Our team aims to create a complete development environment that will replace professional tools for Web AR developers. We are also developing an access level that allows you to make changes to projects without entering the editor, that is, without special knowledge.

Application of technology:

1. Reviving polygraphy - business cards, flyers, posters, magazines, books.

2. AR Indoor and outdoor advertising - billboards, signs, banners, information boards.

3. Interactive packaging, labels, tags, price tags.

4. AR-merch - T-shirts, mugs, caps, notebooks.

5. Menu for bars and restaurants.

6. Souvenir products, postcards.

7. Presentations, exhibitions, showrooms, museum expositions, product visualization and trying on, car demonstrations, real estate showings.

8. Quests, games, contests, corporate events, entertainment with augmented reality.

9. AR navigation around the city and indoors.

10. Getting to know the history of the place, visualization of historical and architectural objects, AR-guides and hostesses.

11. Promotions, raffles, discounts, viral marketing in augmented reality.

12. AR sites, 3D AR product visualization in an online store.

13. AR QR memory code.

The AR-metaworld is interconnected and comparable to the coordinates of the physical world. Owning a kingdom (tile) in augmented reality allows you to interact with the audience using interactive AR-scenes placed with reference to real objects. Features and benefits: - A single link that opens AR anywhere in the world. - The entire planet is divided into tiles - spaces with an area of 100 by 100 meters (1 ha) that can be bought, designed, built, sold, rented out. Everything, as in the physical world. - In total, about 1.5 billion tiles on the entire planet. - 600 million tiles in inhabited places of the Earth, about 150 million tiles are occupied by cities. All this space can be used for advertising, conveying information and interacting with users. The ability to place projects and create games in augmented reality in given coordinates, with reference to buildings, structures, monuments, to a device (space) or on a plane. The ability to create a parallel metauniverse on your domain. A constantly growing audience of users who are interested in new layers of the metaverse.

Goals: monetization, entertainment, communication with the audience in the virtual and real worlds.

Volvo case - https://design.artar.es/client/?u=UlemcG6sBUojbxNe

Taking into account the growth potential of the project, idea, market capacity, technologies, developed platform and functionality, business model, achieved results and team - we value the company at EUR 10 million.
1% of the enterprise = 100,000 EUR.

The minimum threshold for an investor is EUR 10,000.
The maximum investment in the first round is EUR 500,000.

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