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Ghostwriting - writing a literary work for another person (often secret) is not a novelty, and first of all a highly profitable business. Not only are most of the books of politicians, actors and even scientists written by ghostwriters, the business of "ghost writers" has now grown to such an extent that it offers services for the writing of absolutely any material. The secret to the success and effectiveness of this area is teamwork. Where one person spends 10,000 - 20,000 hours, a team of 3-4 authors will cope in a couple of months, having on hand several versions of the manuscript for different audiences.

This is facilitated by the pricing policy of non-fiction literature. Average price of one copy, from 250 UAH. It is aimed at people of medium-high income, and is often acquired even if they are not going to read it, but they have heard something good about it. Perhaps from friends, colleagues, but radio or YouTube. Consequently, piracy is also not any serious threat, because sales revenue is secondary. First of all, it is distribution that is important. Have you noticed how quickly non-fiction literature appears in Pirate Bay? In the early days. And sometimes, even before the start of sales.
The book is a powerful tool for personal and personal branding, as well as a very stable commercial investment. The average period of active sales of a new book, from 6 months to 2 years, if successful. Even not very successful books have several months of active sales and network hype. This is status and prestige. Referencing your own work is always best, and is a sign of skill. The brand income of entrepreneurs grows steadily by 5-20% EVEN in the event of a total commercial failure of the book. With an annual income of half a million dollars, the writing costs will be more than covered in the first one and a half to two years. And maybe much faster, in the case of bestseller status.

It is also known that all the books of the two presidential candidates in the last US elections were written by ghostwriters. The author of Trump's book The Art of the Deal even said in an interview with NYTimes that after announcing the current president's candidacy, he felt like Dr. Frankenstein creating a monster.


After payment, the process of creating a text begins, which is completely controlled by you. It is classically accepted that a ghostwriter is just a freelancer, and as a result, you will receive nothing but the final manuscript. But you pay not for it, but for the time of the guest writer. This is why budgets tend to grow rapidly - a feature of the typical ghostwriting process is that there is no established typical ghostwriting process. You can have one meeting with the ghostwriter during the entire writing of the book, or five meetings a week. Moreover, the ghostwriters are not controlled by any centralized body, so the customer will have to negotiate with the ghostwriter any conditions for refunding the money individually. Do not forget that even after all these ordeals, from a legal point of view, the customer will still not be the author of his book.
We want to change that. Freelancers, like any other mercenary, have the property of reduced reliability. One individual, even with a good portfolio, will never have the same degree of trust that a group has. The same applies to the amount of time that we can spend on processing and creating text, working out its positioning and relevance, etc. With us, the client pays for the text, not the time. Billing occurs for words, pages and campaigns that relate to text. We have a flexible and modular manuscript strategy that will allow us to finish writing a draft in 12 working weeks.

However, it should be remembered that books do not like haste. And we can easily adjust the budget and check-point lines to the client's capabilities and desires. To write the most correct version of the book, we need regular feedback sessions, and the customer must be sure that any good idea will be written down. We offer a full communication service for the customer, including a 1.5-channel communication with us, available 24/7. And at the end, the authorship of the book will be assigned to the customer. Officially, we will only be a consulting and creative agency that helped with the design and marketing of the finished product.


Why does it work?


So, ghostwriters are expensive, and as a result, you get a book or text from a group of people who know little about you, what you really wanted to tell. So why is it popular?


First, it's fast. Speed is the main benefit of using a ghostwriter. On average, it takes authors from 10,000 to 20,000 hours to write a book, which is 400-800 days. But we have one unfair advantage in that, with the help of the magic of scaling, we are able to reduce this figure by ten to fifteen times.


Secondly, as a result, you will have a book, even if you do not know how to write. Most people who start romances never end them. And most successful people who have something to say have never even taken up writing, understanding how many pitfalls await them.


Finally, you don’t need to know anything about what you need to write about - we will research the topic for you. We will take the necessary interviews, arrange meetings, and order social surveys if the necessary data is not available in the current section.


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Лид-лендинг, нет-ворк, контроль качества и сопровождение рукописей.

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Так-же, я рассматриваю возможность привлечения бизнес-партнера, с опытом ведения нестандартного бизнеса в Киеве, наличием хорошего нет-ворк портфолио и вкусом к литературе и искуству. Взамен я могу предложить з/п от 30 000 грн/м, операционный бюджет и до 30% доли в компании.


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