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Gostright agency and literary consulting of commercial texts in the genre of non-fiction, biographies and chronicles.



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We are looking for investments to open a ghostright agency.  


Ghostwriting is a highly profitable business, writing a literary work for another person (often secret).


The book is a powerful tool for personal and personal branding, and a very stable commercial investment. The average period of active sales of the new book, from 6 months to 2 years, in case of its success. Even not very successful books have several months of active sales and network hype. This is status and prestige. Referencing your own work is always better and is a sign of skill. The brand income of entrepreneurs grows steadily by 5-20% EVEN in the event of a total commercial failure of the book.


After payment, the process of creating a text begins, which is completely controlled by you. 

Our client pays for text, not time. Billing occurs for words, pages and campaigns that relate to text. We have a flexible and modular manuscript strategy that will allow us to finish writing a draft in 12 working weeks. 

We can easily adjust the budget and check-point lines to the client's capabilities and desires. We offer a full communication service for the customer, including a 1.5-channel communication with us, available 24/7. And in the end, the authorship of the book will be assigned to the customer.  


Why does it work?


First, it's fast. Speed ​​is the main benefit of using a ghostwriter. On average, it takes authors from 10,000 to 20,000 hours to write a book, which is 400-800 days. But we have one unfair advantage in that, with the help of the magic of scaling, we are able to reduce this figure by ten to fifteen times.


Secondly, as a result, the customer will have a book, even if he does not know how to write. 


We conduct research on the topic, take the necessary interviews, organize meetings, order social polls, if the necessary data is not available in the current section.


Investor information


The optimal launch of the project is calculated with a start-up investment, or internal capital of $ 10,000, or slightly less than UAH 300,000. This money is needed for:

  • hiring specialists for the team, namely the Operations Manager, Marketing Officer and Editor, 
  • renting an office in a coworking space (there are approximately 2 points, with good conference rooms), 
  • creating a landing page, creating, testing and launching targeted advertising and also, if necessary, the purchase of software licenses. 


The first 2 weeks, up to 1 month - warming up. Build a team, equip a workspace, rehearse a landing lead, create a database and fill a blog with content, hire authors, and pay all employees an advance. Tentatively, by the end of the first month, we should already have a couple of potential leads, and we will be able to take on the first project.


Taking into account the projected turnover of $ 750,000 or UAH 20,800,000, an investment of $ 10,000 will provide the investor with approximately 1.25% in the company. $ 40,000, respectively, will give 5%.


The investment conditions are pretty simple. We offer quarterly financial statements and dividends from net income (after deducting quarterly expenses for office, marketing and salaries to authors) at the rate of% of the rate in the company. Our projected quarterly net income is approximately $ 20,000. At the rate of the minimum rate in the company (1.25%), you will receive $ 250 in dividends. Theoretically, we can consider the option of paying dividends from the amount of dirty profit, which will significantly increase the amount of the dividend. 


The second condition is that the investor will be able to withdraw his share from the company ONLY at the end of the first year of the company's operation, or after 4 quarters. Indeed, only at the end of the first year it will be possible to understand whether we have entered the projected turnover, or underestimated, or overestimated ourselves. At the end of the year, together with the annual report, a revaluation of investment shares will be carried out.


For example, consider a situation where an investor had a 5% stake in a company, with a forecast for a turnover of $ 700,000. The volume of his investment was $ 35,000.

1) Let's say, at the end of the year, it turned out that we slightly underestimated ourselves, and came to a turnover of $ 846,725, This will mean that the 5% rate in the company will be equal to $ 42,336.25. The investor can take his investment, having received a profit of $ 7,336 + 4 four annual dividends, or leave the money with us. 

2) Let's say that during the year we gained more experience than money, and came out on a turnover of $ 575,600.

This will mean two opportunities for the investor.

First, he takes his 5% rate from the company, receiving $ 28,780 + 4 days.

Second, we keep his rate for another year, increasing its percentage to match the actual turnover. That is, with an investment volume of 35,000 and a real turnover of 575,600, the investor will own not 5%, but 6.1%. And therefore, it will receive 6.1% of quarterly dividends, if it agrees to freeze its investment in our circulation for one more year.



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Лид-лендинг, нет-ворк, контроль качества и сопровождение рукописей.

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Так-же, я рассматриваю возможность привлечения бизнес-партнера, с опытом ведения нестандартного бизнеса в Киеве, наличием хорошего нет-ворк портфолио и вкусом к литературе и искуству. Взамен я могу предложить з/п от 30 000 грн/м, операционный бюджет и до 30% доли в компании.


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