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In progress

up to 1 year

earnings on the provision of one service from 200 dollars. Plan from 3 per month. Service for the delivery of "cars from the USA" Search for marketing and investment for business At this stage, the percentage of the investor is 30% of income.


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Project summary

Business with minimal investment.
We need partners to open a business "Auto from America."
I worked in 2 car sales companies from America.
I spoke with two Copart auction officials.
I know how to sell this service, subtleties and details in the processes
Buy a car in America, the cost of services from an official representative is $ 500.
To reach the dealer level, you need to buy through them 2 months, 2 cars each.
Then the cost of the service will be not $ 500, but $ 100, including for these 4 cars. To do this, you need to run ads on Google, Instagram
I am looking for partners to launch a business project "Auto from the USA" and purchase a car from the USA for resale.
Of the attachments, only a website is needed, promotion on Instagram advertising to find clients, all other processes are established.

How is the process of selling "Auto From USA" going?

1 client goes from the site or instagram channel, leaves a request for consultation, calculation of car delivery from the USA, or a purchase.

2 I call the client back, clarify the client's needs, what kind of car he wants, car brand, color, equipment, for myself or for resale, etc.

3 negotiate with the client about the selection of a car at the auction.

4 I select the best options, send them to a convenient messenger for the client.

5 client gives feedback on the cars he liked.

We check 6 cars that we liked by CARFAX. on the number of insured events, how many owners were, what the damage was, where the car was serviced.

7 go to the auction

8 Winning Copart or IaaI Auto Auctions

9 the client pays for the car

10 I make sure that the client makes the next payment for the delivery.

11 client makes the last payment to the Ukrainian customs, fees, broker, freight forwarder.

12 We put the car for registration, on the numbers of the client's region.

13 the client picks up the car in Odessa, or we deliver the car to the client at the location indicated by him.

I will deal with the first stage:

1 searching for a car at an American auction

2 selection of a car for a client

4 issuing invoices for payment of Swift payments (buying a car at an auction, delivery, transportation, customs (payment in hryvnia to the account of the Ukrainian customs)

4 conduct a dialogue with the client

5 support of the transaction before the sale: telephone conversation, meeting, online communication in messengers.

There are also additional sources of income in this area, for example, earnings on delivery, car repairs.

Looking for a partner

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financing of advertising, internet marketing, to launch a project. Instagram advertising site.

Expected abilities

investor for promotion, financing the cost of attracting clients


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