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Our partners are your partners! Are you thinking of starting your own business? We know how difficult it is to launch a startup without support, and that is why we match the best and most trusted services and experts to your needs. Training, consulting, mentors, technical partners and work tools will help you to launch your startup and position a product in the market as efficiently as possible.
Support at international markets
UK marketing and sales agency, a member of the British Chamber of Commerce. We help business owners and decision-makers position a product or service successfully in the UK and European markets and build a strong sales strategy.

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Polish MARS Foundation has been operating since 2015, supporting startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation through education and building B2B relationships. We work with industry experts and business entities that support business and innovation financially and substantively. We implement and participate in many events, trainings, and business and social conferences, helping many people and startups build their position on the market. We are open to cooperation, inviting people and entities to partner activities, focusing on a win-win result.

Blue Lake is a UK based startup accelerator with the mission to scout, invest and help to unlock value in the undiscovered, high potential, startups with global ambitions. Blue Lake helps Ukrainian start-up talents to reach the global level. Finding, investing and helping to unlock the value of high-potential startups. Blue Lake pays special attention to founders and startups from developing countries and regions of developed countries, which often go unnoticed.

Special offer for bepartner community: 30 minutes of free consultation with Blue Lake Accelerator partners on go-to-market and fundraising in the UK market.
Business accelerator. We offer a permanent program for startups and entrepreneurs: working with experts, setting individual goals for each project and tracking them. In the process, you get our expertise and the real experience of the speakers, mentoring, practical tasks, expanding the network and helping to attract financing (investments and grants).

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Valery Yalouskikh
For startup founders: Fundraising, investor relations, strategy development in Silicon Valley. For investors: Deal flow sourcing, screening of investment opportunities, due diligence.

For Special offer bepartner community: 20 min free consultation.

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