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Looking for a business partner worldwide with who you can launch a project or new business?
Need to increase your network?
Are you an expert or specialist who wants to find a startup where you can reach your potential?
Looking for a project to invest?
Invest platform bepartner will help you find a project for investment


Search for a project or a team

Browse the user directory, search for a relevant project, a partner, or a professional, based on your specific needs. Request to open contact information – it is free. Get in touch, share ideas, or create a team.

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Search for an investor

If you already are working on a project and have a team, take a moment to explain all the relevant details. A high quality presentation will attract the attention of investors. You can also search and reach out to potential investors registered in the system.

Here are some tips that will make your project attractive to potential partners.

  1. Use a smart project picture that is good quality.
  2. A short description will intrigue a would-be partner, so concisely describe the point of your project in roughly 2-3 sentences.
  3. Project summary - describe your project in detail, show that it’s solving a problem and its advantages in the market. Detail your successes to date and expected performance into the future.
  4. Your profile will be automatically translated into English. Switch to the English tab and correct the translation.
  5. Regularly add news or success stories to your project description.
  6. If your project is at an early stage, try to find a co-founder rather than an investor first.

Who we are?

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs with experience in different markets. We are well aware of the challenges and obstacles of beginning and developing enterprises and startups. We have created an online service for business match-making, to help entrepreneurs find affiliates, co-founders, and like-minded people.

bepartner is a tool for finding the right people and creating a community. Good partners not only provide the foundation of success, but also:

  • moral support and encouragement;
  • effective delegation of tasks and responsibilities;
  • drive and common cause

Who are we for

bepartner service is centered around startup founders, professionals, and investors. With our help you can build a team and bring a promising idea to life. Professionals dreaming of starting their own business will find an interesting project. Experts will join like-minded people to start and move forward quickly. Entrepreneurs often dread of recruiting; finding a highly motivated employee without breaking the budget can be extremely time consuming. Finding a partner instead may be an answer - a right business partner is pulling the same weight as the founder, and works toward the same goal. Professionals who no longer want to be only hired hands are often looking for ideas for their own business. bepartner helps professionals find an interesting job or become co-owners of a business. Professional investors, angels and venture funds, are always looking for ambitious projects offering possibilities of rapid growth of invested capital. Finding and getting to know many startup founders in bepartner online marketplace of ideas makes investor’s time used more effectively. Projects looking for funding are able to present a focused pitch, a detailed business plan, and to introduce the team.

Our mission

Entrepreneurs encounter many barriers when opening their own business, which may feel insurmountable at the time. To acheive your goal, you need a perfect start and a reliable team. Research shows that over 50% of startups fail in the first four years. Each project crucially needs:

  • viable idea;
  • growing market;
  • reliable investors

A collaborative team of people supporting each other through thick and thin of growing the business is set on a path to success. Our mission is to support entrepreneurial innovation, small business ventures, and accelerated startup development by creating a community of founders, business partners, and investors and providing them with tools to find each other and reach their potential. In the coming years entrepreneurs will start many projects, which will need right partners and investment to succeed. We believe in the bright future of Ukraine, and bePartner’s goal is assisting with the creation of new businesses and helping them grow. We believe small business is an engine of the ongoing economic transformation of our country.

Why do you need our service?

A cool idea came to you, and you want to set it into action? But you are busy with another project or there is no person next to you who can give support. Subsequently, the idea is fading, the idea goes to the shelf of your unrealized potential success.

Or you are a cool specialist, you go to work every day and feel that you are striving for more - freedom, creativity, breakthrough. But you do not dare to change.

We help to match like-minded people to meet. If your views are the same and you can complement each other with experience, try to create a common cause.

Our services will help you:

  • Present your idea, project or MVP to like-minded people and identify goals and needs for investment;
  • Find professionals with experience and expertise who are interested in partnership;
  • Launch a project or scale a business with new partners;
  • Increase your network, acquire business contacts and exhibit your project to potential co-founders or investors;
  • Find an investment project
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Why can we help?

As entrepreneurs, we understand the complexity of team formation and motivation. We know about important aspects and pitfalls of a successful partnership. What should you focus on and what to ignore.


Trust appears to partners, tested for years. We do not urge you to trust all users that you are contacting on the website. And we suggest moving an online acquaintance with real life interaction.

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What else we do

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Community of partners and co-founders

Online business partner search’ is a new service to build trusting relationships between stakeholders. But when forming a successful team, we recommend personal acquaintance. Creating a network (or a circle of communication) is an important task for every entrepreneur at any stage; especially for beginners and when starting a new venture. The business network of partners and co-founders helps to get acquainted and communicate in the business and informal circles. Similar to online dating, you choose like-minded people and future partners and go offline - negotiate. At the club meetings you talk about business, the startup, and get acquainted with potential partners and mentors.

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To contact the investor

If you need a help with setting up a contact or an investor search in the directory? In Bepartner's database there are investors who limit the amount of offers from the users. They will see your project in the directory and get in touch if the idea catches their attention. Therefore, pay attention to the description of the business according to the rules of the first presentation (elevator pitch). When you find an investor who is open to offers, send them a message through the site. Treat the first contact responsibly. Investors get dozens of offers a day. So think of the appeal’s form and create the text that captures attention in the first 30 seconds. Contact the Bepartner team for the correct presentation (elevator pitch), appeal (cold e-mail) and an access to the closed investors.

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Useful services

Our partners are your partners! Are you thinking of starting your own business? We know how difficult it is to launch a startup without support, and that is why we match the best and most trusted services and experts to your needs. Training, consulting, mentors, technical partners and work tools will help you to launch your startup and position a product in the market as efficiently as possible.

Among our partners you will find:

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Legal and accounting outsourcing

Do you need legal and accounting support and you want to give in fully to your project? Legal and accounting outsourcing works efficiently in startups and businesses. You transfer accounting and legal affairs to a third-party company and receive all the necessary services. You pay a subscription fee and optimize your staff.

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Knowledge Share

Don't ask google, ask your business colleagues. Get practical tips for daily questions about:

  • small business;
  • operating activities;
  • development;
  • entering new markets;
  • trends

You get not just a theory, but feedback and experience from entrepreneurs.

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Do you need a mentor or a consultant who will share knowledge and experiences with you, will help to increase the value of the startup? Mentor helps in personal and career growth:

  • gives advise;
  • motivates;
  • detects problems;
  • actualizes the purpose;
  • helps to find solutions;
  • is involved in the project

For you it means:

  • rapid achievement of the goal;
  • expert knowledge;
  • team work

In our project you will find an experienced mentor with his/her own successful projects.


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