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Marketing / Advertising / PR



Work in a startup


Advertising and PR

automatic machine translation


Technology of remote earnings on Internet advertising

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Description of knowledge and experience

Hello! Let's bring customers to your business! There is a case for sliding gates and fences in Yekaterinburg and the region • 10 applications received various types of sliding gates and fences in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region in a week! • Created a website from scratch, set up advertising in Yandex and received 10 applications for sliding gates and fences to order in a week! • For the development of a new campaign, it was necessary to attract the growth of applications for gates and fences in the minimum time at a price of no more than 300 rubles per application. As I increase the rate to 700 rubles, there will be more applications. • It was decided to launch a new site. Also connected Avito. Due to the high competition in the search, we decided to abandon the search. SEO was not suitable, because time was limited. To increase the number of applications, we launched master campaigns. The customer pays only for received applications. Clicks are not charged. Created an engaging call to action that gave readers the opportunity to learn more about your product or service. • At first, 3 applications were received. Made improvements received 7 more applications. Also received applications from Avito. Calls from customers were a bonus (no money is debited for calls) • At the moment I have time to run 2 more advertising campaigns. Because we don’t know each other yet, as a welcome bonus I’ll make a 10% discount or make a turbo site or set up advertising on Avito as a gift of your choice. The offer is valid only for seven days until 09/15/2022.

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