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You buy a package for 80,000 and earn 4,000 hryvnias a day, 120 hryvnias a month and 14,000,000 a year. Please help in purchasing this package, I really need this job, I like social media





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I am an immigrant looking for an investor for the American platform Vimedios, which was opened in Ukraine to help Ukrainians during the war so that they can work and work online. A very cool platform, where you can earn a lot during the day from 1000 to 35000 hryvnia, depending on which package you buy. There is nothing difficult there just to put swear words on social networks, which are needed by bloggers or entrepreneurs. But to work there you need to buy packages, I do not have much money. Please help me in purchasing these packages. I will work, and you have 70% of the day of my profit. The platform will definitely work by the end of the year. If the war does not drag on, it will still be in Ukraine. I am a young mother with a baby, I really need such a light and profitable job. I am honest and responsible, there will be no problems with me! Remember, when you help you 10 times more will come for good deeds. Everything will be Ukraine, thank you!

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