Self-sustaining heat generation




In progress

more than 3 years

We have developed a liquid heat generation system (electric boiler) based on mining equipment.



Automatic/ Mechanics / Engineering








Project summary

Self-sustaining heat generation. Profitable heating.


Ukraine, international market


Working model, prototypes, tested, and ready for implementation and serial production.

Successful operation in private households for 2 years.

It was sold 20 pcs up $3000 to $60000


Use and management of "waste" (free) thermal energy generated as a by-product from the operation of electronic systems for heating, hot water supply, heating swimming pools, heating greenhouses and fish farming ponds, and other industrial needs where a constant heat supply is required within 35 ° С -72 ° С (wood drying, production of snack products).


Any private or public consumers of thermal energy.

Objects where heating, hot water supply or heat generation is needed for domestic and industrial needs in the temperature range from 35 ° С to 72 ° С.

The Scandinavian countries, the USA, Russia (etc.) successfully use similar systems for heat generation in the scale of entire settlements (villages, towns with a population of up to 70 thousand people).


Lack of competitors in Ukraine.

Lack of domestic producers on the Ukrainian market.

The cost of the system developed by us is 3-5 times cheaper than foreign analogues with similar indicators.

Traditional (electric, gas, coal, oil, wood, etc. boilers) heat generation systems require irretrievable investments and constant (irrevocable) payment for heat carriers. Solar and geothermal installations cannot maintain similar temperature parameters.

Our system pays for itself within 0.5-1.5 years (depending on cryptocurrency rates). In addition to free thermal energy, it brings constant profit to its owner in cryptocurrency.

Our system is universal, software controlled and can be reconfigured to different protocols within a few minutes, adjusting to optimal market conditions.

Years of world experience in the operation of such systems has shown that the cost of energy (electricity) never exceed 85% of the profit. Crises in the cryptocurrency market only affect the payback period of the equipment, but they never lead to the loss-making of the cryptocurrency generation itself since its existence (since 2009).


The cost of traditional heat generation systems is several times cheaper.

This problem is solved by adopting leasing programs or sharing the buyer's and seller's profits from generating cryptocurrency for the entire payback period.


  • Consumers

- housing and communal services sector;

- private home ownership;

- industry sector (woodworking, etc.);

- agriculture sector (greenhouses, fish farms);

- Sector for processing agricultural products (drying);

- food industry sector (production of snacks and by-products);

-sector of non-production sphere and municipal institutions.

  • Value proposition

Use of "waste heat" (free heat energy) in heat generation systems.

  1. Water cooling of electronic equipment (data centers, mining centers, etc.)
  2. Self-sustaining, environmentally friendly, silent and smart heating of objects using electronic computing (mining) equipment.
  • Sales channels
  1. Direct sales.
  2. Online sales.
  3. Sales at specialized exhibitions and fairs.
  4. Affiliate sales.
  • Customer relationship

Full support at the stage of development, launch, operation and payback period of the project.

Subscription service after the warranty period.

  • Sources of income
  1. Generation of cryptocurrency (mining).
  2. Heat generation (saving on heat energy and heat carriers).
  3. Sale of heat energy (at zero cost) to consumers.
  4. Income from computer repair and customer service.
  5. Post-warranty (subscription) customer service.
  • Key Resources
  1. Electricity.
  2. HR.
  3. Financial resources.
  4. Marketing.
  • Activities
  1. Production of water cooling systems for data centers (data center, data center).
  2. Development, production, installation and maintenance of heat generation systems based on mining equipment.
  3. Development and turnkey installation of water cooling systems and heat removal from electronic sources.
  4. Repair and maintenance of computer equipment.
  5. Repair and maintenance of data center equipment (data centers, mining centers).
  6. Events (trainings, seminars, staff training courses).

    INCOME PER YEAR (2019)

    Up to $ 100,000




    From 6 to 17 months.

    Due to the fact that the cost of our equipment is significantly higher than traditional heat generating equipment, partnerships with banks to provide leasing programs can help speed up the implementation of the project.


    Legal partnership (25% share in profit sharing, according to statutory documents). Samples are a share contribution of the Investor, with the preservation of all rights to them, if the Investor leaves the project until the payback period.





Looking for a partner


Due to the fact that the cost of our equipment is significantly higher than traditional heat-generating equipment, it is necessary to competently convey the value proposition to the client.

Expected abilities

I am looking not just an investor, but primarily an equity partner with marketing and sales skills, who knows how to sell "at high prices" and will be able to establish serial sales and enter new markets.

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