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We invite an investor to online retail on favorable terms. More details in the project description.


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Project summary

We invite an investor to online retail on favorable terms.
We offer cooperation - a variant of the Business Angel, or, with sufficient competence of the partner, with the assignment of a certain functionality.
Benefits of cooperation:
30% of net income for life.
The maximum payback period is 13 months.
Guarantees - commercial real estate pledged at the time of full return on investment.
Official co-owner of the + Slogan Trademark.

Please do not apply with offers up to $ 33,000, value your and our time.
In total, $ 63,000 is needed, we will consider investments from $ 33,000. (For equity participation), but one investor is in priority.

We have excellent experience in scaling a business, all accounting is transparent.

We have implemented several similar projects, filled the bumps, made a bunch of rakes. The entire Top Team is assembled, all accounting is digitized, all interaction of the necessary programs is brought together in a CRM system. We work in Bitrix 24. A strategic Business Plan for the first 12 months has been drawn up, with real relevant indicators, we sell and know the purchase indicators (not the Lead cost) for each product that will be included in the product catalog during the first 12 months. There are real figures for the average check, a high turnover rate of 2.5. That is, with a monthly development of the working capital budget of $ 50,000, the gross profit will be $ 37,500. How do you like it?)

The goal of the project is to create a comfortable life for all residents of Ukraine.

My ideology is that each of our clients is a bottle of the most expensive wine in the cellar, we provide a comprehensive high service without steaming. We generate a constant stream of guests, arrange them into tenants, maintain long-term friendly relations.

Documentation + Implementation

A strategic Business Plan (in Ukrainian) was drawn up, since it was drawn up not for a specialized search for an investor, but, first of all, for oneself, in order to determine the validity. There are all suppliers, all the necessary technical specifications for contractors have been developed, all initial (one-time) investments have been taken into account.

Ps I will send the open part of the power supply unit on demand to @, with more detailed explanations, I answer cunningly right away, I lived my life, I hear you through).

I deal exclusively with decent people.

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