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I have invented a New principle of knives for an electric shaver, because the most important thing in an electric shaver is Knives. It is thanks to New Knives that this project can be realized.






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Greetings)) Looking for a permanent partner to start a new business on mutually beneficial terms. Who knows how to start and develop a promising business project. Right now there are only two principles of electric shavers in the world - Philips, Braun. These principles have mastered the shaving market in the world by only 25%! Presented on the market three-headed electric razors because the three-headed version can not perform their functions, due to lack of design perfection_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzcmQ7nmzXc. The market for electric razors in the world is mastered only 25%! Although the average min price for a three-headed electric razor is only $29+. Why? Because of the imperfect design of electric razor blades. I invented a new principle of blades for electric shavers, because the most important thing in an electric shaver is the blades. It is because of the new blades that this project is possible. Because of the new knife design, electric shavers will only be single-headed! Therefore, the razor is cheap! But, it shaves better than the three-headed Philips, Braun. Competitive with Philips, Braun and with Gillette, Schick... The design of my knives is simple - cheap. Will be able to occupy the $19-25 price niche. With a good quality shave. It is also important that the electric shaver has a trimmer: temples, ears, nose. The market capacity of all electric shaver companies in the world, is $4.0 billion/year, due to the small number of users of electric shavers, which is only 25%, of the entire market for men's shaving. My innovative electric shaver is functionally and structurally much improved. The razor is single-headed only, with a trimmer for ears, nose and temples, and its price is, on the contrary, reduced by $19-25. This will increase, well over 25%, the number of potential users of electric shavers. The net profit of the future company, if the project is implemented, in the long run could be approx. 7+ billion/year. THE PROTOTYPE ELECTRIC RAZOR AND FOOTAGE VIDEO IS AVAILABLE! https://drive.google.com/file/d/17TijOOkVHTBuIf7i-FoQ0U6uiiBV5gjF/view?usp=sharing More details write. I will be glad to further cooperation)) www.lankotte.com Sergey

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