Notice board in Uzbekistan




In progress

up to 1 year

The company was registered in April 2021. The investment amount will mainly be used for marketing work.





Project summary

Hello everyone, my name is Shahzod, I'm from Uzbekistan. In April 2021, a bulletin board called WIDEN (like Avito or olx) was opened for Uzbekistan. Until now, we have tried different advertising methods, but there have been failures (they did not find good marketers, although many consider themselves to be marketers) and gained experience in this area themselves, the loss was about $ 20,000. Once again, from my personal experience, I am convinced that experience decides a lot, not money (albeit a million dollars).
Our company is officially registered in Uzbekistan as WIDEN PLATFORM LLC
The required investment amount is $ 150,000. All invest. the amount will be directed to marketing, that is, it is like advertising on television, advertising on buses, subways, social networks, etc.
Who is interested write or call we will discuss everything in detail

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