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As a user of this platform, you can find a business card of any useful contact for you and immediately contact him/her using the contact method indicated on his/her business card.








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Today, people have a need to quickly search for the right person (client, supplier, partner, temporary worker) at any time and the ability to start communication with him without hindrance immediately after finding him/her.
We believe that Internet users want to spend less time on the primary and secondary search for the right person and ways to contact him/her.
We thought, what if there is a single platform that will bring together millions of people from all over the world (specialists, managers, entrepreneurs, executives, freelancers, your potential clients or suppliers). And they will willingly share at least one way to contact them (phone call, message, email or Linkedin/Facebook). And there will be nothing unneeded - only the name of the person, what he/she does, and the way to contact him/her.
And I decided to create such a business card platform.
In fact, you get a limitless worldwide online business card holder on your device with access to all registered contacts in this application at any time.
I really hope that our application will help millions of users reduce their time finding right and interesting people and exploring new opportunities.
The desktop version is currently being finalized.

Now there is a confirmed hypothesis, MVP on no-code (Bubble), several registered users and a group on LinkedIn with 450 subscribers.


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Усі пости

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Development of desktop version and mobile version. This is preferably a full-stack developer. But I'm open to all technical people who might be interested.

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I am looking for a technical co-founder, with whom we will develop this startup

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