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We grow mushrooms. We are looking for a partner / investor. You need $ 7000. Payback in 4-5 months of the season, and then a net plus.








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We are looking for a partner / investor. You need $ 7000. Payback in 4-5 months of the season, and then a net plus. Your location doesn't matter.

The business is super profitable! For example, one mushroom block has a cost price of 50 hryvnia (All costs are included), weighs 15 kg, lives 1-1.5 months. During this time, he gives 3 waves of harvest, with a total mass of marketable fruit bodies up to 6 kg. The wholesale cost of the mushroom is 35 UAH / kg. Even if you sell at 25 hryvnia / kg, the gross income is 150 hryvnia per block. Net profit - UAH 100. If you make 50 blocks per day, then in a month there will be 1,500 permanently replaced blocks in the room, which will bring 150,000 hryvnia of net income per month.

Previously, we were limited by the size of the room, and the specifics of the microclimate in this room, but we were able to solve this problem. The solution to the problem with free space led to a lack of funds for the launch of the season. This is the only reason we needed a partner. If you want to enter a profitable business and are ready for further development, then welcome to the team!

Mushrooms are not grown in the summer. But now we need to start harvesting raw materials in order to start work in September, and at the end of September to get the first profit.

Growing mushrooms is a difficult but interesting process. And the business itself is highly profitable. There are no sales problems. We have wholesale and retail points. But 99% of the goods are sold directly from the germination chamber, as demand significantly exceeds supply! We can easily sell up to 20 tons per month or more! It's just very, very difficult to grow such a volume.

I will provide video surveillance, electronic reporting. I can take it as the founder of my company, or, if you don't want to bother with taxes, we will make a simple, transparent agreement with all guarantees.

Write - I will tell you the details and subtleties of the business.

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